Is There A Casino Strategy On How To Win On Slot Machines?

Is There A Casino Strategy On How To Win On Slot Machines?

There are lots of questions online slot players tend to ask themselves and each other. These questions range from the unforgivably mundane to the serious. Still, as wins are what most online slot players are concerned about, undoubtedly the most asked question of all is how to record consistent wins during best online slots gameplay.

Despite reports to the contrary, there is no guaranteed way to record consistent wins at best online slots. This is due to the irritating fact that Lady Luck holds sway over the entire gameplay proceedings and arrogantly determines who wins and who loses. So, unless players are in the good graces of Lady Luck, getting wins might be as impossible as jumping up and taking a bite out of a passing cloud!

However, there are more than a few casino tips and tricks that while not guaranteeing wins makes them more likely. These tips and tricks are not as well known, as they should be.

Since we don’t want that wicked lass known as Lady Luck to learn that we are making it easier for folks to record wins, readers should endeavour to kindly come closer. This will help us better whisper winning tips and tricks into the receptive auditory canals of all online slot players in search of big wins!

Online Slots Wins Made Easy And Sweet!

Gambling has a really rich history. It is a highly pleasurable activity with surprisingly ancient roots.

As to be expected, gamblers all through the ages have always been very interested in the mechanism of wins. Ever since gambling began, gamblers all over have been kept busy seeking answers to such questions like how best they can trigger wins in whatever game they happen to be gambling on and thus be able to bring home the bacon so to say.

Online slots are a relatively recent gambling invention. Ever since they first made an appearance, players of such games have been busily wondering how best to ensure that Lady Luck favors them and sends their casino accounts bulking up like no one’s business!

Since no strategy can assure this, we thought of the next best thing. And that, of course, is compiling the best tips and tricks that make it easy for luck and wins to locate players.

While these tips and tricks are potent in themselves, they certainly do not assure wins. They, however, make it easier for wins to pop up.

Since there are no guaranteed wins in online slots, such games of chance are assuredly not for players looking to get right quick. On the other hand, players looking for some sweet bit of fun and the opportunity of going toe-to-toe with Lady Luck can be assured they came to the right place!

But enough of the bombast! The tips and tricks for making wins in online slots easier and sweeter are as follows:

  • RTP Is Sweet Bae!- ever heard of the RTP? For noobs, that means the Return to Player Percentage. In simple English, it details the total percentage of all the bets that are eventually given back to slot players. To assure easier wins, an easy strategy to adopt is to play only those online slots with the biggest possible RTP.

Now, all slot games feature an RTP. Any slot without an RTP is as fake as a 3-dollar bill and a gallon of snake oil!

Now, the RTP is the theoretical percentage of all bets that the casino pays out for all of eternity on a particular slot. The RTP is important as it reveals the house edge and how much a casino can rake in per wager on one online slot or the other.

Thus, an online slot with an RTP of 96% equates to a house edge of 100% – 96%, which is 4%. For an online slot with such an RTP, the casino will take in 4% of all wagers and pay back 96% of all wagers over the long term.

Now, to boost winning chances, players must endeavor to play only those slots with the highest RTP, as the higher the RTP the lesser will be the house edge. An easy way for selecting high RTP slots would be to check out online sites that list these, and there are many of these sites to be found online.

However, even an online slot with an RTP OF 96% or even 98% does not guarantee wins, as wins and losses happen over the long term, rather than over a single gambling session. Once this is understood the sky’s the limit and Lady Luck can possibly be convinced to assume a more merciful mien!

  • Volatile Is The Rule And Sweet Is The Game!- the second tip for easier wins has to do with volatility. By volatility we, of course, don’t mean to imply that a slot gets so volatile it could trip off and blow up in the faces of players! Instead, volatility refers to the gameplay variance and will be explained below.

Now, online slots have varying volatility. Online slot players have differing preferences where volatility is concerned, with some liking it as high as it can be, while other players preferring it lower than the bottom of the sea! Players should endeavour to find the right online slot volatility that best suits their temperament and playing style, as this will ensure better playability and gameplay enjoyment.

There is nothing highfalutin about variance/volatility. It simply refers to the frequency of an online slot payout. As such, online slots have low, medium, high and ultra high variance/volatility.

As an example, in a slot with low volatility, small wins occur quite often, with big wins being scarce. On the other hand, in an online slot with high variance, the wins are few and far between, with most of these wins being big sized. As a result of this, folks who happen to be playing high variance slot games would be obliged to be patient, as wins drip in with all the speediness of a starving sloth making its way into an erupting volcano!

Worth noting is that most jackpots are found in slots with high volatility/variance. More, while high variance slots pay out bigger amounts over time, which does not mean winning on the first spin is impossible. While unlikely, taking home the bacon on the first spin can happen, especially if for some reason Lady Luck happens to be in a good mood and is looking for whom to bless!

Are we done? Not at all! We have already said it and will say it lots more times, but it bears restating that online slot players should only play those slots that appeal to them on a deep level.

Far too many folks play slots merely because it looks good or their homies told them to. This should not be the case.

Instead, all online slot players should only play those games that are a match for their playing style and bankroll depth. Thus, if the bankroll is threadbare, low variance slots would be advised, as they tend to be cheaper and pay out more frequently. On the other hand, when the bankroll is big and players are good at being patient, then they should try out a high variance slot and wait to get very lucky!

Should low variance games get boring or the bankroll experience major growth, then players can switch to games with high variance. Also, if players feel exceptionally lucky, there is nothing at all wrong with playing high or low variance slots regardless of the health -or otherwise- of the bankroll. Who knows, such absurd levels of confidence could impress Lady Luck something fierce and get her to pour out her blessings!

  • Sweetly Maxing Out The Bet– the next tip has to do with playing the maximum allowable bet. The max bet rule might seem counter-intuitive, but it makes sense when deeply examined.

Usually, all online casinos sport a “Max Bet Rule” that is applied whenever players possess an active bonus. The max bet differs from one casino to the other and from one casino game to the other. As a result, checking out the maximum applicable bet is always called for and doing this will take a few seconds at the most.

By checking out the precise max bet, players can use this to their advantage. A simple explanation of the max bet rule is that it forbids players from making bets over a certain amount during a gambling session if they have an active casino bonus.

Usually, the max bet is around ₤5. This means that players cannot make bets over this specific amount until the wagering requirements for the casino bonus they subscribed to have been fully met. Once the wagering requirements have been met, the max bet rule ceases to apply.

When this is the case, players should endeavour to increase their bet size to an amount they are comfortable with and start betting like mad! Hopefully, this will get Lady Luck in the mood for dispensing big wins!

So, how exactly does the max bet rule apply to make big wins during online slot gameplay? Well, the answer to this question is really simple.

Once the max bet rule is active, players are forbidden from making bets over a certain amount. Should they disregard this rule and make bets whose value exceed that listed in the max bet rule, then all wins will be forfeited.

While the max bet rules will not make it easy for players to get ahold of wins, knowing all about it will help prevent forfeiting wins, due to the inadvertent breaking of the max bet rules.

  • Swagger With The Wager!– another top trick is to select casinos and casino bonuses with the least or absolutely no wagering requirement. This can be tricky to do, but the rewards can be stunning!

Now, most online casinos commonly offer a varied array of bonuses to their clientele. These bonuses include deposit bonuses, no deposit bonuses and free spins.

As online casinos have not taken over the role of Father Christmas and assuredly are not in the business of giving away free money, these bonuses tend to come with wagering requirements firmly attached. These requirements make it necessary for players to play a predetermined number of times before they can withdraw any wins. As such, they are not very popular with players, who simply want to enjoy a bonus at once and be done with it.

What is therefore needed is for players to look for a bonus that lacks wagering requirements. Such a search might be seen as fruitless but is not so since an increasing array of online casino bonuses now come without wagering requirements.

Among such bonuses are wager-free bonus spins. On such spins, all wins are players to do with as they see fit, with no wagering requirement being attached.

While picking an online casino bonus without wagering requirements will not assure consistent wins, all wins during such bonuses go straight to the online casino account of players, rather than being withheld till the terms of the wagering requirements have been fulfilled. This might seem like nothing but is quite refreshing.

In case no online casino bonus without a wagering requirement can be found, players can select a bonus with the least possible wagering requirement. Doing this is simple and easy and can pay hefty dividends.

  • Consult And Prosper!– the final trick and tip is simple enough and merely requires carefully consulting other online casino players on a forum, website or the like. More than a few online slot players are fanatical about their favourite casino games and often boast the most obscure tricks and hints accumulated over hundreds and thousands of active gameplay sessions. These players are often present on forums, and websites and are eager to stick it to “The Man” by sharing their encyclopedic knowledge.

Therefore, we encourage readers to search out the best online forums and communities where online slot players congregate and exchange useful information. There, they can ask practically any game-related question of their choice and get answers that can send their brain system dancing with glee!

More, performing such consultation will result in players finding friends from all over the world, and being able to better understand how slots and other casino games work, apart from fostering tolerance. So, seek out and ask away. Don’t be shy!

Still, why asking questions of other online slots players can make for easier wins, players should endeavour to be cautious. Online forums can be anonymous affairs and not all players are who they say they are.

Frequently, some players in an online forum advertise ostensibly sure-fire tricks they claim will guarantee wins and sell these at exorbitant prices. Since no strategy on this green earth will guarantee consistent wins in slots and most other casino games, such players should be avoided and their “solid” tips are to be treated as if they are venomous!

Final Thoughts

Regardless of what some charlatans might say, there is simply no way to assure consistent wins in online slots. Lady Luck holds all the cards during such games and deals them out to players as she sees fit.

There are, however, tips and tricks which if adopted can smooth the way for wins. These tips and tricks are easy to do, require minimal expenditure of time and effort and can get Lady Luck in the mood to be generous!

So, readers should endeavor to apply as many of the tips and tricks listed above as they can manage. Doing this is easy and simple as could be and just might make it easier for Lady Luck to pour some sweetness into their online casino accounts!

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