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One of the newest crazes in the gambling world is betting on esports. Esport although got a relatively slow start when it was launched, it gained a lot of recognition over the last few years and has only been on an upward spiral ever since then. Currently, the e-sport market globally is worth over $30 billion which makes it one of the most successful gaming markets.

Esports is short for electronic sports. As the name suggests, it can be considered as a competitive form of video gaming. Here, people playing the same game are put against each other to play in a competition. The opponents from all around the world can play against each other. In the past, the only way for a person to play with each other was to get together in real life. However, with the introduction of the internet and the esports, finding opponents from across the world has become easier with just a click of a button.

The fan base is massive even though the esports are usually “under the radar”. However even though esports cater to the same games that are played on the fields, the fan base is nowhere compared to the traditional sports. Most fans of football, tennis, soccer and much more knowledgeable about the esports but people outside it are not aware of it. If we see the numbers, there are over One Billion people who play video games around the glove and this proves that video gaming is extremely popular amongst the internet users. Although solo gaming is what a lot of people enjoy, playing along with different online opponents has a thrill of its own.

If you are totally new to the world of esports, this section is where you will learn the basic details about the sports betting genre and what you should be expecting while playing yourself. We will begin with the introduction of esports.

esports stadium
esports stadium

Guide to eSports and eSports Betting

These are the two most asked questions when it comes to betting on esports. This guide will give you detailed answers along with the other information that you need to know about esports. Sections explaining every detail have been compiled by our team of experts who have extensive knowledge about the category and these easy to understand sections can help anyone who has an interest in esports betting.

Best Esport Betting Websites Review

Here is the list of top 5 best sites review for Esport betting in India.

Furthermore, you will also be able to find beginner-level betting tips and advanced level advice for creating strategies and gameplays. You will also be able to access all our recommendations of the best esports betting websites with all the latest updates on the games and events that you should know.

With this guide, you will learn not only how to bet on esports for fun but will also be able to gain some knowledge of the ways in which you can win some extra cash. You can scroll through the entire article and have a look at what information we have to offer or just click on one of the links below to get to the desired section.

What Casual Gamer and Professional Gamer Mean?

Casual gamers are the people who play these video games just for fun. Even if they enter competitions or tournaments, the only reason they are playing is for the fun of it. These casual tournaments are usually a small part of the esports scene.

Professional gamers are usually the ones that participate in professional video game tournaments and competitions. Yes, the professional gaming scene is a thing and it is massive. The competitions are cutthroat and the prize money can be worth millions of dollars. Casual gaming can compare nothing to professional esports events where the stakes are very high. These events are so big that they gain an audience from all around the world and millions of gaming enthusiasts watch them live as well as stream online through various channels including YouTube and Some of these games are also shown on the big sports TV channels such as ESPN.

So, now you must have understood the grandeur of the professional esports scene. It is pretty big, and you can know more about it in the article below.


Betting on esports is fast. It is even faster than any other betting that is done on gambling websites. esports was once an informal way of placing bets between friends or people who had the same interests, but it has now slowly become an industry which is worth hundreds of millions of dollars and the stakes are very high. Players from all around the world place their bets on different games. Here we will help you in finding the best esports betting websites.

Since the growth of esports has been huge in the past few years, there is always an uncertainty that comes with for the people who are genuinely interested in the events. Even if a person is familiar with the traditional way the game is played, betting on it comes as a completely new experience. For the people who are absolute beginners to both the game and the betting, there is a fair chance that you might have numerous questions.

Selecting the right sportsbook can be a difficult task for the people who are new to the esports betting scene. To know that the sportsbook is perfect for you, there is a list of questions that you should ask. These questions are:

  • Is the website trustworthy?
  • Are the prices for esports bets good?
  • Does the website offer good promotional values?
esports betting arena

How Can You Get the Most Trustworthy ESportsBook?

To find the most trustworthy sportsbook online, you need to test some points. These tests include the following:

  • The first test should always include the licence test. You need to determine the jurisdiction that has issued the licence to the sportsbook. The legitimate sportsbooks usually provide all the licence information in the About Us section of just the footer of the website. Once you see the jurisdiction, do your own research on whether the website is showing the truth. A little google search will be enough for you to understand whether the jurisdiction mentioned is suitable or not. Always check the other websites that also have the same jurisdiction licence.
  • The second test should be checking the comments of the real players. The social proof is the best way to see whether the website is safe. You can just do a quick social media search and see what kind of social media availability and customer services the website provides. Websites that are legitimate usually have a good social media presence and have good customer service for solving customer complaints.
  • The last test should be the experience that you have while using the website. Go to the website and experience the interface by yourself. You can make the minimum deposit and make the smallest bet available. If you find any problems while playing at the website, go to the customer service and post these questions. See their replies and gauge your experience. If you don’t like it, leave the website and try out the new one. Make sure that you don’t provide any personal information to the provider.

Is eSports legitimate? and Can you bet on them Safely?

One of the questions that a lot of people have about betting on esports is whether it is legitimate or not. Since there have been some high-profile accusations of match-fixing on esports, there is a need to provide assurance to the players on the fairness of the games.

The factors that help in ensuring that the e-sport betting is being done with all the fairness are as following:

  • The introduction of traditional sportsbooks in the scene: The traditional sportsbooks like bet365 are licenced by the authorities and hence they are much more legal in comparison to the other websites. These websites have their own resources that can help in fixing any issues regarding the match-fixing or cheating in these esports tournaments.
  • The increase in prize value: Since the price of the wager placed is huge, there is a smaller chance that the financial incentives will be used to fix the matches.
  • Introduction of Regulations: As the number of bets increase in these games, regulations are also increased substantially. Even though these regulations differ from tournament to tournament, they still can decrease the match-fixing and expose the match-fixers faster.
eSports LCS Finals – Paris Aftermovie

Bonuses offered for ESports Players

Not only should you look at the prices offered by the sportsbooks but also the offers. Most websites offer a lot of different offers, especially to the new players. These bonus offers can make a huge difference in the pay-outs and the wins that you make from your betting.

There are three common promotional offers that the esports betting website offer to the new as well as regular players. They are:

  • Free bets
  • Deposit match-up bonuses
  • VIP programs such as cashback or discounts

How to Place Bets on Esports games

The players need to realize that the quality and quantity of the bets placed can differ from one sportsbook to another.

One of the most common types of bet is match betting. This means that the users bet on the results of the events or the matches. Some of the best sportsbooks offering this bet are,, and much more. These websites offer options such as ‘in-play’ bet or ‘live’ bet which allow the users to bet on the events inside matches. In-play betting options are the most difficult to design and develop and hence not a lot of websites offer them in a wide range.

In addition to the quality, the users must also consider the quantity of the bets. ESportsbooks have different types and odds on different games and tournaments. Bookmakers such as Betway and Bet365 are fast in increasing their betting quantities. However, some bookmakers such as Unibet, 888Sport, Mr Green and Tipico are the ones that are more inclined to the wait-and-see approach.

You can find the updates on the old and new esports websites here. The table is updated regularly and has the best and most recent information for the users. 

Deposit Methods on eSports Betting Websites

For one to enjoy esports betting, the players must be able to deposit money in their accounts. There are many ways in which the esports betting can be made which is like the traditional sports bets. All the major deposit and withdrawal methods apply to the esports betting as well.

Using Mastercard/Visa

Card deposits using Mastercard and Visa are two of the most common ways to make deposits for esports betting. Since the method is safe and easy, a lot of players like it for their deposit as well as withdrawal activities. However, the downside is only for the American Express cardholders in some places who are sometimes finding it difficult to make deposits through their credit cards. Different cards have different deposit and withdrawal limits which also must be adhered to.

Bitcoins as A deposit Method

Bitcoins are a good way of deposition money on sportsbooks. However, the Bitcoins can only be used in some regions and not all the major sportsbooks allow bitcoin transfer for the players. However, if you do some research, there are some smaller sportsbooks that do allow esports betting with BTC deposits and withdrawals.

Other Deposit Methods to Use

Apart from the methods given above, there are still some other methods that can be used to deposit money in a sportsbook account and use it for esports betting. These options are:

  • E-wallets including Skrill and Neteller.
  • ACH Transfers
  • Wire Transfer from the user account.
  • Money Transfers
  • Cash deposits at land-based locations.

ESports Betting – Region Wise Distribution

As we have mentioned above, the data on the esports betting is not clear and hence the exact distribution of betting according to the region can not be made. However, we think that the places that show the most interest in the esports are also the places where most of the esports participants come from.

Hence, the list of the major regions where the esports betting is most common according to SuperDate sources are:

  • Asia: 61%
  • United States: 23%
  • Europe: 12%
  • Other Countries: 4%

How to Place Bets on eSports?

Betting on the esports events is simple but there are many ways in which you can choose to participate in these competitions. You can either be a direct part of these completions or choose to play them yourself of just bet on certain outcomes within the competitions. There are five major ways in which you can place your bets and they are:

  • Traditional sportsbook betting
  • Fantasy esports betting
  • Betting on streamers
  • Item betting
  • Social betting

Traditional Sportsbook Betting

The traditional sportsbooks offer esports betting options for the players. The traditional sportsbook offers to bet on a sportsbook just like you would do for a normal football or basketball match. You will be able to find some esports betting games on these traditional sportsbooks but the quantity, as well as the quantity, differ greatly with each sportsbook.

  • One of the biggest advantages of placing your bets through traditional sportsbooks is that you can be assured of the credibility of the operator. The operators running these sportsbooks are legitimate and hence your bets go to the right people.
  • The disadvantage that comes with betting on sportsbooks is that there are not many options to choose from when it comes to the esports because most sportsbooks are still new to the whole esports scene. It will improve in the future but currently, the selection is poorer.

If you are looking for sportsbooks that can give you the best esports experience currently then check out Pinnacle and Bet365.

Social esports Betting

The social esports betting as the name suggests is the simple bets that are placed within a group of friends regarding the outcome of a small or big match. It can also include challenge bets between the individuals which means they have to compete for a wager.

  • The advantage of social betting is that it is a fun and low-friction option of betting that also enhances the social experience.
  • The disadvantage, however, is that this kind of betting has a small market. You will have to look for a friend who is interested in betting on the same thing you want to bet on and finding someone like that is tough. Constantly betting against each other can be bad for some friendships.

Since there is not much reliable data available regarding the size of the market, it is impossible to give accurate estimates. However, seeing the growth of the betting scene, it is safe to say that it is huge in size.

Item esports Betting

The name is a clear indicator as to what this kind of betting is. Item betting is betting that are placed on in-game items. Even though it might seem a little difficult to understand this aspect of betting on esports items, there are a lot of people who actively participate and wager at high stakes.

The items betting usually does not involve any direct cash. Instead of cash, the wagers are placed in the form of in-game property or items such as weapons or armours or skill sets and much more. These items are then exchanged with the third party for cash. This sort of blurs the lines of the legality of the betting type.

  • The major advantage of item betting is that it is easy to understand and practice and allows a person to get some money for the items they have won but have no use for.
  • The disadvantage, however, is that there are no regulations on fair gameplay and the legality of the entire thing. It means that betting is usually risky.

Despite the betting being risky, it does garner a lot of attention even more than that of traditional sportsbook and fantasy betting combined. The players who bet on items don’t consider it as gambling. There are some restrictions on the kind of participants involved in some places and the gambling gives a good opportunity to the players who have creatively played the game and won some extra items

Betting on Streamers

Streams are the gamers who stream their gameplay on online channels such as Twitch or YouTube and a lot of people like to watch these streams. However, it is also possible to bet on these streamers. There are some new esports betting sites that have the options where you can bet on the streamers.

So, how does this work? Well, it is simple, the e-sport betting website will have certain live streamers selected who will play and the betting odds will be changed according to the gameplay of these streamers. The website GG.Bet offers to bet on streamers and you can get a good idea of the entire situation here.

One of the biggest reasons people bet on streamers is because there is no limit on the number of odds or wagers that you can bet on, unlike the big esports tournaments. The website GG.Bet and others update the odds every 90 seconds which keeps the game even more interesting for the players.

Additionally, betting on streamers also lets you wager bigger amounts on different esports. So, instead of only being able to bet on bigger e-sport games such as League of Legends or Counter-strike which are team-based games, you can also bet on the gamers who are playing games such as Apex Legends and Fortnite. Being able to bet on streamers does not mean that the popularity of the traditional esports betting is going down. It just means that gaming fans will be able to enjoy more options. So, if you want to add a new dimension to your esports betting, it is a good option to bet on the streamers

Fantasy esports Betting

fantasy esports daily draft

Fantasy esports betting is a popular option amongst the players in the United States. The gambling through sportsbooks is legally limited in the US and the fantasy esports gets a little exemption by the UIGEA or Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act.

Unlike the traditional betting where the players must look out for the outcome of the matches or certain events in the match, the fantasy genre is different where a fantasy team is created by the opposite player. The fantasy team that performs the best is the one that wins the event.

Another major difference between fantasy and traditional sportsbook betting is that in fantasy betting the bets are placed against the other players opposed to the house as done in traditional betting.

  • The advantage of playing fantasy esports is that it can be legally accessed in the U.S and Canada. League of Legends fantasy is covered extensively on DraftKings and some tournaments including Fantasy LCS and LoL Worlds.
  • The disadvantage of fantasy esports betting can be the lack of options for playing fantasy esports.

FAQs on eSports Betting

Is it Legal to bet on eSports?

The legality of esports betting is a complicated matter. The ways to say that esports betting is legal or not differ from person to person. The esports betting is not illegal, but it might be illegal for you in your jurisdiction. If betting is not legal in your area or location, then the rules will similarly apply to the betting made on esport games

How are eSports Regulated?

As of right now, there are no regulatory bodies for the esports betting. Even though there are several leagues and big tournaments that take place related to esports betting including ESL, the legal regulations differ from tournament to tournament. As the esports has been growing considerably, there is a fair chance that the regulatory bodies will be developed. However, the fact that the activity is global, and this might complicate the regulation of sports on many levels.
Regulation of the betting operators is a different aspect. The regulation varies from operator to operators. The jurisdictions provide regulation depending on the locations. Some of the most famous licencing hubs include Malta Gaming Authority, United Kingdom Gambling Commission and the Isle of Man.

Is there any age limit to playing eSports or Betting?

Again, this question does not have a definite answer. The gambling age differs from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. The legal age to gamble may vary from country to country. There is also some website that defines their own age limit which is usually higher than the minimum age limit.

What is the size of current esports betting market?

Since the esports betting market is mostly private and there is a rapid growth of players as well as tournaments, it is difficult to assess the exact size of the market currently. A study by Eilers Research, however, predicted that the market of esports betting will easily exceed $20 billion by the end of 2020.
Even though the definite answer to this question can not be provided, there are certain factors that can lead us to create some guidelines and assumptions on how big the market is and where it is currently headed.

What is the number of people betting on eSports?

As per the data of 2015, the total number of esports enthusiasts were 145 million and it was safe to assume that over 1 million players would have been wagering their money on these events. However, with the growth in the number of enthusiasts over the years, it is a surety that this number has seen substantial growth.

How mush is total amount bet on esports?

The sportsbook Pinnacle according to us is the leading traditional sportsbook that offers esports betting. The sportsbook has been able to take millions of esports bets over the years and even if we take the average wager and conservative assumptions, the betting stills comes to a total of over half a billion dollars in just 2017, Such as euro betting .
There are many other sportsbooks that are coming forward with better competitive challenges to overtake Pinnacle such as Unikrn. We just must wait for a few more years and since the market keeps on growing substantially, there is a chance that the esports betting will only go higher and higher.

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