Best Live Casino Sites India

Below is the list of best Online Live Casino Sites in India. These casinos sites have the best live casino games that can be played in Indian Rupees!

Best Live Casino Sites In 2023

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Have fun with Spinszilla’s best recommendations for Indian live casino sites and also take home a bonus!

In this place, you will come across gaming articles that inform and offer tips on playing games, comprehending the technology that works in games for a live casino.

It will also explain to you about mistakes that should be avoided while playing, as well as a brief about features that are unique for a certain category of games at the live dealer casino.

The methods and tricks shown in this blog could be of great help when you browse for any top online game across different casino destinations.

What is A Live Casino?

Any live casino India is supposed to join the unique features of online casinos with the vigor and thrill of a traditional casino. In essence, Live casino online comes across as a live webcast of games played at a casino.

It has real-life dealers who acknowledge bets, interact with different players, deal with all cards as well as spin wheels for players.

What makes it even more exciting is the convenience of relishing this action on your desktop or mobile device, at the comfort of your home.

As mentioned earlier, the current laws on gambling in India are a bit ambiguous. The law as it stands has no problem with Indian gamblers playing casino games like blackjack which requires a degree of skill.

However, according to the present law, casino games involving a higher degree of luck are frowned upon. The irony is that all casino games require both skill and luck in varying degrees.

This being said, Indian casinos are still perfectly within their right to operate and deal with Indian bettors.

It is believed that in time there would be amendments to the current gambling laws and regulations to the betterment of the casino gambling industry in India. 

The Legal Status of Online Casino Gambling in India

The Public Gambling Act of 1867 forms the major gambling law in India. This legislation was designed for brick and mortar gambling for obvious reasons, no one could have anticipated the emergence of online casinos and online gambling.

According to the Indian Constitution, each state in India is granted the authority to establish regulations on gambling within its jurisdiction and territory.

States like Sikkim and Goa have been able to establish laws that permit the operations of brick and mortar casinos within their respective territories.

However, with regards to online casino gambling, it is only the Indian state of Sikkim that certifies Indian online casinos and grants them operating licenses.

Other states in India permit the playing of casino games involving skill for real money, but prohibit any form of casino gambling involving luck especially where the real money is involved.

The age-old debate in distinguishing between a casino game of luck and one of the skill rages on.

In a 1968 legal battle, the hugely popular and widely played game of ‘Rummy’ was declared legal, as it was proclaimed to be a casino game requiring skill.

With regards to online casino gambling, there are few or no laws that prohibit Indian bettors from patronizing online casinos situated outside the shores of India.

So Indian bettors can actually play online casino games of luck without entertaining any fear of prosecution. The only challenge for Indian gamblers is in finding credible online casinos that accept gamblers from India.

Responsible Gambling in India

At this point in time, it is only the Indian state of Sikkim that is actively pushing for the legalization of online gambling.

As a matter of fact, the ‘Sikkim Online Gaming (Regulation) Act of 2008’ was enacted by the state of Sikkim towards the legalization of online gambling in the state.

According to the act, Indian gamblers would be allowed to play certain online casino games for real money and these games include;

In addition, the Indian state of Sikkim also proceeded with the issuance of operating licenses to offshore online casino operators.

This license would allow the operators to carry out their casino operations only in the state of Sikkim. 

While Sikkim has taken this bold step, the same cannot be said for other states in India.

For now, if Indian bettors want to enjoy playing casino games for real money online, they would have to look for credible online casino operators with MGA and UKGC licenses and who also accept gamblers from India. 

Live Online Casino Real Money Games in India

Many of the Live casino games listed below as mostly card-based games as playing online card games for money is quite popular in India.

Real money games app are immensely popular including game-specific apps like Andar Bahar trick app and more! Check out the list of popular real money live casino games played in India.

Live Teen Patti

Live Teen Patti crad

Teen Patti is a popular Indian casino 3 card game. It is available to play at Indian live casinos sites. The best part is that the gameplay and rules are exactly the same as Teen Patti played at a land-based casino.

It is safe to play live Teen Patti at Indian casinos. The Indian gambling regulations might not allow gamblers to play Teen Patti at a brick-and-mortar casino.

However, it is legally acceptable to play the game online. Online 3 Patti real money app is very popular in India and you can play these games on LeoVegas, Royal Panda, 10Cric, and Many other Popular Indian online casinos.

Live Andar Bahar


Another famous card game in India is Andar Bahar. Popularly known as Katti, Andar Bahar is a chance-based game.

The player gets a chance to choose Andar or Bahar (i.e. the left or right end of the table). Played with a deck of 52 cards, Andar Bahar is one of the easiest card games.

All you got to do is pick the side where you think the card that has the same number as your selected card will appear. There are many online Andar bahar app, but the best version is provided by Ezugi Andar Bahar.

The game is now available online. In fact, the live Andar Bahar is exciting. You can stream it live on your PC and interact with the dealers and other players at the table.

You get to stream it in HD quality, which makes it even better. You can expect the same experience as playing Andar Bahar at a land-based casino or with a bunch of your friends at home.

Select the bet limits and wait until the dealer asks you to place your bet. We have also listed a detailed Andar bahar winning formula for all Indian Casino players.

Live Jhandi Munda

If you are an Indian casino games fan, you must have played Jhandi Munda. The game is played with 6 dice that have six symbols and a game board.

The symbols are similar to the card symbols. They include a spade, heart, club, flag, diamond, and face. The rules are super simple.

You only have to predict the symbol that’s going to appear when the dealer rolls the dice. You have to place a bet on one symbol.

Live Hold’em

If your predictions are accurate, you win. You get to interact with other players and a real dealer.

You will get to see the dealer on your device that you use for streaming the Jhandi Munda game.

Some casinos allow you to enjoy this popular Indian game with players from across the world. Unfortunately, it is only popular in India. So, mostly, you are going to find this game on Indian casino websites.

Simply put, Live Hold’em is one of the popular casino games, in which, players get a chance to compete with the dealer.

The fun part is you place your bets against the house. So, no matter how many players are at the table, you will be competing with the dealer.

The gameplay and rules are the same as the live hold’em played at land-based casinos.

Once you have selected your bet amount and placed your bets, the dealer will hand out a pair of cards.

Players can use the 3 three community cards that are placed right in the middle. The dealer announces a bet that will be twice the players’ bet amount.

You can call or fold. The player who lands the five-card poker hand will be the winner.

Live Sic Bo

Similar to the Jhandi Munda, Sic Bo is a dice-based game. It is a totally luck-based game and the bets are placed based on your predictions.

The dice will be rolled by the dealer and you only have to predict the possible result. You win if you get it right and lose if your predicted results are wrong.

The game is exactly the same as the Sic Bo played at land-based casinos. The only difference is you get to place your bets and control everything on a screen.

You also get to interact with the dealer through your device. Overall, it is fun to play Live Sic Bo online.

Live Dragon Tiger

Powered by Evolution Gaming, Live Dragon Tiger is another interesting live casino game for gambling buffs. This is the easiest game on this list.

The live dealer will distribute 2 cards to each player at the table. All you have to do is guess the card with the higher value.

The game has 4 different types of bets that make it more exciting. It is a perfect option for beginners who want to try some easy and exciting live casino games.

Sexy Live Casino Games

It is available in three live game categories namely Live Roulette, Live Baccarat, and Live Blackjack.

As the name implies, sexy live casino games are not exactly the games but the tables where you get to interact with beautiful dealers.

Believe it or not, but many players love to play the same live casino games over and over again just to get a chance to interact with these attractive ladies.

The fun part is that they are dressed in bikinis. As much as exciting it sounds, this is the casinos’ strategy to get people to overspend. While the ladies look incredibly beautiful, make sure you don’t get distracted by them.

Monopoly Live

Powered by Evolution Gaming, Monopoly live is another exciting live casinos game. It has a prize wheel that consists of 54 numbers.

The rules are extremely simple. You only need to choose the number you think the wheel will stop at. You will win the game if you get the prediction right.

Best Live Casino with Real Dealers in India


Upon choosing Betway live casino online for your gameplay, you will find out numerous exciting games which also have a good bonus.

For a fact, Betway boasts 400 games, while offering a bonus amounting to 2,500 rupees as a welcome bonus. Betway live casino India also offers a massive bonus of up to INR 60,000 only for playing the Live Casino.

They have amazing Live Dealers for BlackJack, Andar Bahar, Roulette, and much more.


LeoVegas live casino

After you register on LeoVegas, you get to see the best world of games like live casino India and slots.

LeoVegas gives a maximum of 30,000 rupees as a welcome bonus while also offering other giveaways in the whole year. Leo Vegas has an award-winning mobile experience particularly with Live Casino online.

Their mobile experience is one of the best and provides loads of different casino table games. You can also read more on the LeoVegas Review page.

Royal Panda

Royal Panda Live casino has a huge variety of options for playing your favorite games.

Royal Panda gives an amazing 10,000 rupees as a hundred percent in welcome bonus. Royal Panda India has an exclusive live roulette game that is available nowhere else with some amazing bonuses for those interested in giving it a spin! 

Live Casino Online and its History

The year 1996 introduced the first casino that was based online. With the advancement of technology, it was then possible for these casinos to start offering games with live dealers.

The first few games offered by this format were roulette as well as blackjack.

All these technological advances lead to players enjoying all their best casino games on a screen, looking as real as it could get, without the need of stepping out of their homes.

For the live casinos that first went online, there was just one dealer and table, with the game duration being just a few hours for the whole day.

In comparison with the past, today, you get to enjoy the thrills of games at live casinos for 24 hours across the day and all days of the week.

The working mechanism of Casino Games with Live Dealers

A typical live casino online casino game with real dealers works quite the same as traditional casinos, in spite of all the actions that happen online.

You can see a dealer over the screen when you decide to select a table. You can talk to any dealer with the use of a chatbox that lies on your table.

The dealer gives you and everyone else at the table the chance to place bets before the beginning of the game.

The dealer may also play with real cards and the physical roulette wheel, contingent on the type of game being played.

If you decide to play blackjack, you have ample time to choose any other actions that you need to perform with the hand.

The areas where Live Casino beats a Traditional Casino

When you choose a casino game on a live platform, you can enjoy several benefits as compared to any traditional casino. The five areas where a live casino beats a traditional casino are:

Convenience: Recalling what we discussed previously, convenience is the biggest advantage of an online live casino over a traditional one.

You do not need to plan trips to a casino if you wish to play your favorite games at the casino. You can just go online at the click of a button.

Availability: Let’s imagine you manage to reach your nearest casino. Once there, you may not be able to walk in there and join to play your favorite games immediately.

At times, you will find full tables and a long waiting time for an open seat. Casinos in the online world offer countless tables across many games of popular choice, which ensures that you always get to play in an open spot.

Bonuses: Promotions and bonus money at traditional casinos for simply coming in are quite rare and unheard of.

However, casinos that operate online regularly offer bonuses and promotions like welcome bonuses or money upon first deposits to your account.

This is a great incentive for players to sign in to the online experience.

Game selection: In spite of a good collection of games at any traditional casino, there is always a limitation for future expansion and the games they get to include in the limited space and real estate they operate with.

Conversely, live casinos have no such limitations and can offer numerous slots, various versions of machines like roulette, poker, baccarat, and blackjack. Dafabet app Casino has a great collection of games.

Comfortability: Most people are choosy and like to play at a designated area and time which they choose. Privacy is also an important concern for people while playing at a casino.

There is a dearth of such options at any traditional casino. But in a casino that operates online, you can choose the day or night, wear anything you like, or lie on the bed while playing. None of it matters to the casino or your gameplay.

Advantages of Playing at Live Casinos in India

You can enjoy any live casino game on your laptop, PC, tablet, and even smartphone. Here are a few benefits of playing at a live casino.

  • Live games can be played anywhere and at any time. You don’t have to get dressed for the brick and mortar casino or drive to the nearest casino. Just grab your smartphone, register an account with your favourite Indian casino, choose the live dealer game or slot machine, and get started. You can enjoy it from the comfort of your home, at the office, and while travelling.
  • Live casinos websites offer handsome bonuses, which are primarily used to tempt people into spending more at a live casino. However, you could use it to your advantage. Choose a casino that offers an exciting welcome bonus and claim the reward. Some casinos offer no deposit bonus, which means you do not need to spend a single penny to play slots or table games. Just claim the bonus and you are good to go.
  • The live casino games tend to be more entertaining and fun than land-based casino games. You get a chance to interact with the live dealer and other players at the table. You can even stream the live games in HD quality to get real-time gaming experience. It doesn’t even feel like you are not present at the casino. The technology gives you a fantastic virtual casino experience.
  • The dealer isn’t the software or a fantasy dealer. The live casino games have a real dealer who hands out the cards to each player, spin the roulette wheel, and roll the dice.
  • No matter how many people are playing the live dealer game online you don’t have to wait for the round to complete. You can choose the game you want and get quick access to the table.

Playing Live Casino In India Can It Be Done Legally?

India implements numerous complex gambling laws and acts that offer little clarity on the legality of gambling across the country.

While gambling laws are generally regulated by the federal Indian government, individual states can also implement laws related to gambling.

Present gambling laws use mandates from the Public Gaming Act of 1867 to ban gambling at land-based casinos. However, during their inception, the internet was not yet functional. Therefore, they do not mention anything about online gambling.

With the exception of two states that have made laws related to online gambling, this type of gambling is unregulated in the country.

The state of Maharashtra prohibits online gambling, but the government of Sikkim possesses the authority of issuing gambling licenses for these services to operators working in the state.

Are the residents of India allowed to play Live Casinos?

Although laws regarding gambling are largely unclear in India, a lot of gambling sites welcome players from India wholeheartedly.

Since these casinos operate from overseas, they do not need to comply with Indian laws. In effect, unless you reside in Maharashtra, there is no clear law stating whether it is illegal for anyone to play at online casinos and gamble.

Which Games can I play at a Live Casino?

After the introduction of games at the live casinos, there were only a few common options to play, like roulette, blackjack, casino hold ’em, and baccarat.

But after the surge in popularity of online games at live casinos, many more games like sic bo and hi-lo were offered to players by these operators.

The 3 Games that top Popularity Charts at a Live Casino Internationally

Blackjack:  Blackjack lists itself among the games with high popularity in all casinos across the globe. Therefore, unsurprisingly, many online casinos have live blackjack in their games roster.

The simplicity of understanding blackjack makes it more popular than others. The goal of the game is to achieve a figure near 21, but not over it.

If you get better cards than your dealer, you win. You also win if the dealer cards combined go over 21.

Roulette: Roulette has 2 variants: American and European. The way they differ is that the European variant has just one zero pocket while the American roulette variant has one zero pocket as well as a pocket with double zero.

This leads to 38 pockets for an American wheel while a European wheel has 37 pockets. Players can bet for the ball to land on black or red, single numbers, a number group, evens or odds, and highs or lows.

Baccarat: There are two variants in the baccarat game. For punto banco, the bank is on the opposite side of players; in the variant called chemin de fer, other players are on the opposite side of a player.

The most popular kind of baccarat seen across online casinos continues to be punto banco. Getting nearest to nine is the objective of the game. The value of Face cards is zero and the only cards equal to their value are the ones from two to nine.

The Best Payment Methods for Live Casinos

The law called Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) was enacted in 1999 so that foreign currency exchange could be governed.

Now, since, deposits in online casinos are typically not in rupees but in a foreign currency, it is under the purview of FEMA.

Deposits in a Live Casino that is Fast and Safe

Due to FEMA, most players in India have difficulty in depositing money to online casinos with the use of their banks and credit cards.

Therefore, the best way of doing the deposit is using an e-wallet like Skrill or Neteller. This allows you to make safe and quick withdrawals and deposits.

Does any Live Casino take deposits in Rupees?

Since not many live casinos India take their payments in units of the Indian rupee, it makes sense to look if rupee deposits are accepted before joining the casino.

You can play in the casino with great convenience if it accepts rupees, but if it doesn’t, it is not a big issue. Payment can still be made in rupees, after which your money can get exchanged to the default currency automatically.

Facilitating withdrawals in India quickly

After winning some money in rupees with roulette or blackjack games, you can find numerous options to cash out with your money.

Electronic wallets like Skrill as well as Neteller are easy, more so when they are used for depositing money. The time for transaction completion is almost zero if you adhere to a minimum while withdrawing money.

Wagering Requirements for playing games with Real Money

A wagering requirement means the times you must play upon accepting a bonus or a welcome deposit before you are allowed to withdraw your winnings.

It is imperative to understand the types of wagering requirements before you start playing at online casinos.

Wagering: Normally, at all times you take a bonus, you also accept the associated wagering requirement.

Minimum deposit: Almost every casino needs that you to deposit some fixed money so that you can get high welcome bonuses. For every casino, you must know its minimum deposit at any time before signing up.

Game contribution: Different games have different weights to fulfill wagering requirements. While slots have among the highest weights, table games normally have lower weights.

Validity: Casino bonuses get a validity period of a certain time, and the usage of bonus along with the fulfillment of wagering requirement needs to be done within this time.

If you cannot do it, the bonus will expire and money gets take out from the account. The period for validity can be one week or can also reach four months.

Restricted methods of payment: Some casinos need you to make use of a certain payment tool for depositing money to get the welcome bonus.

Mobile Live Casino

As the popularity of mobile devices increases along with their power, people are using them in greater numbers for computations as well as to play live casino online games.

Mobile playing has plenty of reviews at any online casino and since it needs online casinos with software optimization, we diligently review the speed, ease of access, and gameplay across all casinos we review.

Why Should You Be Playing At Live Casinos In India?

You can make use of informative guides at the live casino India section to compare all casinos with the features you need.

This Live casino can be accessed by players across the world, in countries like Canada, United Kingdom, India, United States, and Germany. You can find out what these casinos offer to take advantage of their gameplay.

What is provided by them?

In this section, you will come across comprehensive reviews about live casinos online and casinos with live dealers.

This will help in deciding the best casino that works for you. The website puts out its reviews across many categories that can be easily understood and navigated with little effort.

If you are using dollar, rupee, or euro, it is difficult to experience the thrill of a live casino without a deposit of actual money to the account.

For such deposits, a number of methods can be used. If you are unsure about the methods to use, check the section for banking at our Live Casino page to understand more details.

It is important to choose the correct studio location for selecting languages and games at the casino.

Players must also ensure they choose the live casino with advanced streaming technology so as to enjoy an authentic feel of the casino.

As an example, a few studios have top-notch cameras and equipment for audio transmission, so that you actually hear as well as see dealers while shuffling real cards.

Software and Casino Experience

The choice of software used by online casinos for their games is a deciding factor of player experience.

We have taken note of the best software companies like Microgaming, NetEnt and Evolution Gaming so that you understand the kinds of games offered and the places where it is available, whether the games have dealer chat or any other feature

Streaming options at a Live Casino Online

The quality of video streaming at live casinos online has made great strides in these years.

Developers make use of high-quality equipment in delivering HD videos that are crisp as well as viewable easily.

Peak hours of playing like evenings or weekends might lead to a tad slow loading time and a dip in quality, but the overall experience is still unbeatable.

Best Indian Providers of Live Casino Online

When you want to play a live casino in India and its numerous games, the providers listed in the following section can be rated as the best.

Evolution Gaming

This is a novel company famous for its style and high quality in live dealer online games.

The company boasts of studios in Malta, Canada, and Latvia while its dealers have the distinction of being among the very professional across the industry.

Games that are the USP of Evolution Gaming are Blackjack Party, Immersive Roulette, and Baccarat Squeeze.

Extreme Live Gaming

Extreme Live Gaming is now one of the best providers in the market of live casino India and has reached this position rather quickly.

This provider streams its live games on a direct basis from its resort casinos, for example, the Admiral Casino in Gibraltar. The company works out of a London Studio, offering numerous variations of blackjack, roulette, and baccarat.


NetEnt is one more award-winning as well as company that specializes in great innovative games.

The company’s studio in Malta produces high-quality content but has a small game library.

As of now, the company offers only roulette and blackjack and specializes in Common Draw Blackjack as well as Live Beyond Live, both being full live casino games with an immersive experience.


Ezugi, which is based out of Israel, specializes in custom games that look very impressive. The company strives to remove the need for exclusive tables and this makes it quite popular.

In addition, it makes Live Keno Lottery, which is a unique game not easily available under live casinos.


Playtech is among the biggest software provider in the industry, with a studio in Latvia.

Dealers in Playtech games are quite a bit relaxed, as you hear good laughter as well as conversations in the background. It offers games in live casinos, including sic bo, baccarat, blackjack, roulette, casino hold ’em, and hi-lo.

The provider also specializes in games like Prestige Roulette, Baccarat Squeeze, and Age of the Gods Roulette.

Dedicated Tables with a Casino Environment

If you are keen to read a specific game’s reviews, Seven Jackpots provides great articles which help in evaluating games at a live casino.

In accordance with your needs at a live table, the Casino section has reviewed many live casinos in order to identify the ones with desirable features.

You will come across many games with a review, like poker, live blackjack, baccarat, hi-lo, casino hold’em, sic bo and roulette.

Dedicated Tables with a Casino Environment
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4.5 rating
18+, MGA license number MGA/CRP/237/2013
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5.0 rating
UPI, NetBanking, Paytm
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Betting & Casino up to ₹90,000
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₹8,000 Bonus on First Deposit
4.3 rating

Promotions at a Live Casino

Having an idea of the kinds of promotions at every live casino India is the best way to choose the one you like.

This is why every summary of a live casino explains in detail the promotions and available bonuses at the casino. The comparison of welcome bonuses and offers, selected lotteries with their availability, special prizes that are unique for the casino, and much more can be looked at.

Powered with this knowledge, you get to decide the best casino for your gameplay according to its promotions.


What are the Different Types of Live Casino Games?

A live casino offers a plethora of games. Most online casinos offer a lobby of live-dealer table games. This includes Roulette, Casino Hold’em, Blackjack, Baccarat, Texas Hold’em, Sic Bo, Caribbean Stud, and Craps. Some casinos offer different variants of the popular table games while many others offer fascinating live variants of top TV game shows. You can find more details on this under our live casino games section.

How to participate in the VIP program of Live Casinos?

Depending on your betting amounts and regularity of gameplay, many online casinos offer you invitations to join their VIP program. Almost all VIP programs feature an exclusive manager for your accounts as well as VIP invitations to special events.

What does a Live Casino Game Refer to?

Live casino games refer to games like roulette, blackjack, and baccarat that are streamed live from an actual casino or a studio. They aim to replicate the experience of playing in an actual casino without requiring folks to be present in one and are presided over by a live dealer. Live casino games are by popular agreement better, easier, cheaper, and more convenient than playing in a real casino

How Can I access Live Casino Games?

Live casino games are very easy to access. To start with, you need to create an account with an online casino of your choice that has the best selection of live casino games. Once you have created an online casino account, you need to fund the account to be able to make wagers. To begin playing, just go through the list of live casino games on offer and choose the one you like. Then click play. Bet requirements might vary from table to table. So be sure that you have enough funds in your account before clicking on play.

Is it possible to play with real dealers online?

Yes, it is possible to play with a real croupier or dealer online. Many myriad operators offer engaging live dealer casino games along with lucrative bonus offers that enhance a player’s winning opportunities. Streamed in HD live from top casino studios, these live dealer casino games feature spectacular video quality. You can select the appropriate operator for yourself by referring to our premium list of live online casinos.

What Happens in Online Live Roulette?

There is nothing at all esoteric about online live roulette. The game is much the same as any roulette game in a live casino. The prime difference between the duo is that live roulette is streamed from a studio and presided over by a live croupier. Live roulette makes use of a digital bet table where you can make any type of roulette bet. Some live roulette types have a live chat functionality that makes it possible for you to converse with the dealer and other players.

How can I get my Live Casino Winnings?

Well, getting ahold of your winnings is quite easy. All online casinos boast a withdrawals page. Click on this and kick off the easy and foolproof withdrawal process. Usually, withdrawals must be made via the same medium that you used to fund your online casino account. That means you cannot fund your account with an e-wallet like Skrill and then opt to withdraw wins via bank transfer.

How can I win Live Roulette Games?

There are quite a few ways that you can win at live roulette. Some folks insist that the best way of achieving big wins at roulette is to bet big on odds or evens, red or black, or any other bet type with a very low house edge. Should a bet made on the above bet types hit, the stake will be doubled at once. Other roulette players are of the opinion that making use of betting strategies like the famous Martingale system is what is required to record consistent wins at live roulette. Regardless of what betting system or betting type is used, it is vital to remember that no betting site can guarantee wins. As it is, roulette is a game of chance and will always be. It comes with some risk and as such the actual winners are those who manage their bankroll, play sensibly, enjoy themselves and leave the table while they are ahead.

Is it Safe to Play Online Roulette?

Yes, online roulette play is as safe as can be. The only precaution you should take is to play online roulette games and any other casino games at well-regarded online casinos. Such casinos must be fully certified by all the relevant authorities and must abide by all laid down regulations. You can check that this is so by scrolling down to the bottom of your preferred online casino site and looking for its registration details. Be sure to check our detailed online casino review for the information on the licenses every major online casino operator currently has.

Which strategy works best in a live dealer game?

Depending on the type of live dealer game chosen, here are some strategies that can come in handy. For instance, if you choose to play Roulette, referring to popular strategies such as Martingale, Reverse Martingale strategy, Fibonacci method, and others could prove to be beneficial. In games such as Blackjack, you could refer to the card counting method or any other that’s relevant to the game and can enhance your odds of winning. 

Is any special software required to run the live games?

The best casino operators include the live dealer casino games in the standard casino catalog which can be assessed just the way you access any other game in their lobby. All you need is to click on the choicest game and load the game in the live format.

Can I play live dealer games for free?

Most top-rated casino sites offer a large number of live casino games in the demo mode. Not all casinos offer such an option yet you might get to access a few live casino games for free. This would give you the advantage of not having to risk any money out of your pocket. At some sites that don’t offer real-dealer games, playing an automated version of the same casino game is also a choice

Is a software download essential for playing?

Almost all online casinos have instant live dealer gaming options with their top games so that there is no need to install any software.

However, quite a few casinos do need software so that you can enjoy their games.

Can Mobile and Tablet users play Live Games at a Casino?

An essential element of a live casino’s appeal is the chance to play its games at any place or at any time of your choosing.

Therefore, it is obvious that many players prefer to play using their tablets and mobile devices. Online casinos have made specific mobile applications for the convenience of such players.

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