Online Lottery in India [Latest April 2023]

Lottery is one of the oldest forms of gambling across the globe. It is one of the universally accepted gambling games that have millions of users. In the beginning, the lottery used to be played offline. But, now it has found its place online as well. Nowadays, many new platforms have emerged where users can come and play online lottery. And, Spinszilla helps them to find the best lotteries as well as platforms to play. Check out the list below of some of the best Online Lottery sites in India. We also have many free Online lotteries for Real Money in India in the list below.

Best Online Lottery Sites in India 2023

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Six chances at the Mega Millions lotto for $1
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The Pros & Cons of Online Lottery

  • Complete security of your tickets
  • High probability of winning cash rewards
  • The winning amount is transferred directly into the bank account
  • Players can take part in lottery betting games through third-party websites
  • Companies offering lottery betting are licensed by the national gambling commission
  • You can play any time, anywhere
  • Wide Variety of Lotteries available
  • Lottery Betting is more of an addiction
  • High risk associated game
  • The complex method of claiming the Lottery Winning Amount

Online Lottery Bonuses

Looking for the best bonuses on lottery games? Here at Spinszilla, we have compiled all the significant information you require to make your lottery gaming exciting and lucrative. This comprehensive guide can be used as a handy review to find the top sites that give away the best lottery bonuses. We’ve reviewed over 50 different online lottery sites in India and you can easily lay your hands on anyone that appeals to you the most.

A lottery bonus is a grand way to start your lottery journey online. With various attractive promotions at your fingertips, you can conveniently choose the one that suits your preference. All Indian lottery enthusiasts can now play their favorite lottery game and collect the best rewards without even having to invest.

Let’s get started on the different types of lottery bonuses available and how to use these promos in India.

Common lottery bonuses can be categorized distinctly and here are some of the most common types of bonuses found.

Free lottery bonuses: The free lottery bonuses are completely free bonuses given away to players where they don’t have to pay any money to access these bonuses. Again, free bonuses can be packaged in different forms as enumerated below:

  • Sign-up bonus – You might come across myriad lottery sites in India that give away a free sign-up lottery bonus upon registering at their site.
  • No-deposit lottery bonus – The no-deposit lottery bonus is also given away in different forms. For instance, some site might offer a free lottery ticket while others might give you a free row on a lottery ticket. Some website also gives away free credit with which you can purchase your lottery ticket from the site.
  • Free lotto bet – A free lottery ticket or a few free rows of the ticket are often offered by lottery sites. With such an offer you can enjoy a specific lottery ticket of your choice.

The other forms of lottery bonuses include:

The cash drop: Now this bonus is given out to the player in the form of cash. Even if the amount of Rupees you can claim as a cash drop bonus is low, it’s worth it. It acts as a great booster for your existing bankroll.

  • Deposit bonus – A deposit bonus is given away on lottery games is usually as part of the Welcome Bonus offer. Aside from the lottery sites, this kind of bonus is extremely popular at online casino sites that also feature lottery games in their games lobby.
  • The Welcome Bonus – This bonus is packaged in different forms. Some sites give away the welcome bonus as a free lottery ticket upon signing up at the casino while others can offer it as a deposit bonus on your first minimum deposit at the lottery site.
  • Cashback – This bonus type is perfectly suited for lottery enthusiasts who want to enjoy risk-free lottery gaming. So how does this work? Well, you just have to buy your lottery tickets for a certain amount of money. In case you lose, you will be given back all the money you’d spent on buying the lottery tickets. This amount is then credited to your account.
  • The lottery discounts – Discounts on online lottery tickets are a form of bonuses offered by the lottery sites. These can be given away as 10%-70% of the ticket’s cost. Many sites offer this type of lottery bonus.

Subscriptions for trial- Some sites enable players to play lotto numbers on a subscription. This sort of promotion makes sure that your lines are automatically renewed as soon as each draw is completed. The subscription provides the benefit of renewal of your ticket at a much lower rate per month.

How do you meet a wagering requirement to claim your bonus at a lottery site?

Just as online casinos, even lottery sites put some requirements to be fulfilled by players to access the free lottery bonuses. This is done to prevent players from simply taking the free online money and leaving the site. The wagering conditions are applicable to free lottery tickets or free cash is given away to players to be spent on their lotto tickets.

What does it mean?

A wagering requirement means that the bonus money you received needs to be played through a certain number of times before it can be withdrawn. The more free money you get as a lottery bonus, the higher the wagering conditions would be. Here’s how it is calculated:

For instance, if you are given bonus money of ₹100 to play at the chosen lottery site for free and have an x20 wagering requirement, then you will have to play ₹100 a total of 20 times. So, once you’ve invested ₹2000 in buying lottery tickets at the site, you will be able to withdraw the ₹100 bonus money and the winnings from it.

Tips on lottery bonuses

While you can avail of a score of bonuses, here are a few tips to ensure that you choose the right ones. Make sure that you read all the terms and conditions about the bonus before signing up for any.

Free lottery bonuses

At the end of the day, there are no free lunches. Well, even what you see as free money offered at the lottery sites, you will eventually have to spend a certain amount to be able to collect that free money. The good thing, however, is that you can try out different lottery sites with the lottery bonus that each offers without really risking anything from your pocket. After all, you wouldn’t want to play with real money at any site only to realize that you don’t like the site or the games. Finding the right online lottery site is more important as there’s no dearth of the number of sites accessible online. You can check out the list of top online lottery sites on our online lottery review page.

Guide to Online Lottery India

The international websites also offer very high potential lottery winnings compared to Indian lotteries. As an example, the winning amount in a game known as Mega Millions “starts” with 280 crore rupees! Yes, that’s not a typo. The platforms you use for betting are known as “lottery agents”, with their usual location across various nations in Europe or Continental America. These platforms offer 24-hour customer support while accepting Indian players and supporting popular money withdrawal and payment avenues.

The only major criteria in order to be eligible for a shot at these international lotteries is, completion of 18 years when it comes to the player’s age. And learn more about how to play free Online lottery for Real Money in India in this article below.

In addition to Indian lottery systems that operate traditionally, like the Sikkim state or Kerala lottery, players from India also have multiple options to enjoy online lottery India using their computer or mobile platforms. For the simple reason that these online lottery systems work outside India, they are exempted from gambling laws applicable in India. Due to this, you can enjoy and play any international lottery irrespective of the state you stay in India. We also tell you where and how to buy lottery tickets online in this article in detail.

How to Buy Lottery Online in India

online lottery banner

Below are some of the basic and easy steps on how to buy free online lottery in India. We explain in detail, how you can play and buy online lottery tickets in India.

Registration on the platform is simple and quick. Just upon clicking on the “Play now” symbol at our website Spinszilla, you land at the lottery operator’s website. Before signing up using the operator’s platform, you can contemplate using numerous withdrawal and payment options. While signing up, you must punch in details like age, name, and phone number used in India. Right after filling in these details, the process is almost complete.

The final step is to deposit money in your lottery account using credit cards like MasterCard and Visa, or using e-Wallet services like Neteller and Skrill. As a requirement, you are not eligible to play lotto before depositing money. However, we at Spinszilla have listed lotteries that run huge promotional schemes that enhance your deposit value, effectively offering you a discount.

After this process, you are done with registering for your chosen lottery. Congratulations! You can now choose a game of your liking and pick your lucky numbers. All the Best for lottery ticket purchases.

Lottoland Asia is listed as one of the best international lottery operators operating Online Lottery.

How to Play Indian Lottery Online?

While many states in India have government-run lotteries, some do not have them and therefore allow players from their area to take part in online lotteries. Therefore, online games are mushrooming and have expanded their foothold across India. Online lottery purchase is also a decent alternative for players who are interested in playing multiple lottery contest that takes place in the world. If you have the interest to play, you might want to understand the best lottos to give it a shot.

Call it good fortune, but you do have good options available. Play Huge Lottos, Lotto Agent, Lottoland and Lotto 247 are the 3 most famous options in India. Have a glance at these lotteries in the country to expand your horizons about their history, how the game work, their offerings, and their benefits. After an informed decision, you can play any lottery game of your liking, that too at the click of your mobile phone.

Benefits of Playing Legal Indian Lottery

There can be multiple good aspects of using international lottery sites to play legal Indian lottery. Check out the important benefits before you play and bet your hard-earned money by buying an online lottery ticket:

1. The winning potential

Money that can be won at the online lottery India is normally in the range of 10-100 lakh rupees, being a good amount of money for anyone living in our country. However, this looks pale in comparison to what you can win across international lotteries, which have a range of 280-1490 crore rupees as winning amounts! The currency exchange rate does play its part!

2. The Gaming Selection

International gaming websites normally have over 50 different gaming products that can be chosen by their players.

3. Trustworthy and Regulated

Being regulated, when it comes to international lotteries, you can be assured that your winnings are in safe hands. All agents listed at our platform Spinszilla are regulated, trustworthy, and licensed in their respective countries. This implies strict adherence to data laws, penalties for service deficiencies, and revocation of license upon non-receipt of winning money by players. So do not have any qualms about your online lottery ticket purchase from the sites listed on this page as we have only listed legal lottery websites in India.

4. Quick withdrawal times

Once a player has won, the lotteries lose no time in processing your withdrawal requests.

5. 24/7 Customer service and offers

The gold standard among international lottery platforms is to make its players content and happy with their offerings. In that quest, customer service at these platforms is extremely diligent, quick, and responsive. The cherry on top of the cake is regular updates on bonuses and promotions running on the platform.

All international online lotteries that can be accessed using Spinszilla confirm these 5 advantages and positive aspects. For those of you interested in more details, individual reviews can be a great starting point.

Current Lottery Law in India

India does not have a complete ban on lotteries in the country. Instead, it is for the state government to make a decision on the status of lotteries. As a consequence, many states like Karnataka and Tamil Nadu have abolished lotteries. In other states like Sikkim, Kerala, and Maharashtra, the lottery remains amazingly popular. You can also read more current news on online lottery.

Online Lottery India – Laws and its changes in recent times

In the year 2015, the Supreme Court of India in its ruling gave the power to state governments with regard to banning lottery sales. However, 13 states of the country decided to make concise lottery laws making it legal to run lottery operations. These states are:

  • Arunachal Pradesh
  • Assam
  • Goa
  • Kerala
  • Madhya Pradesh
  • Maharashtra
  • Manipur
  • Meghalaya
  • Mizoram
  • Nagaland
  • Punjab
  • Sikkim
  • WestBengal

Government Lottery in India

The government lotteries in India are being sold for a long time. It all began in 1967 when all lotteries from the private sector were held illegal and the power to authorize them was given to each state.

So each state holds the power whether to authorize the lotteries or not.

In 1967, Kerala became the first state to authorize the national lotto game. Soon after this many other states follow the same path and authorize the lottery. And, this leads to a new era of the modern lottery system in India.

You will be offered 2 different types of draws in Government lotteries i.e bumper and regular.

Bumper lotteries are generally rare, their ticket prices are quite high but they hold big jackpots worth up to 10 crores.

While on the other hand, regular draws are available frequently. Their tickets are sold for a limited time and the value of their prize is small.

The two big factors which make the Government lottery so much popular in India are its accessibility and the low prices of tickets.

Lottery Sambad

In India, you will find lots of lotto games but one game that has gained immense recognition is Lottery Sambad and to know why readout below:

You are offered 3 draws in a single day and the jackpot prize you can win ranges between twenty-five lakh to thirty-one lakh.

The price of the ticket is very much cheap and will cost you just RS6. so anyone can easily access and play the lotto.

You can fully trust the Lottery Sambad lotto as it works through the government authorized lottery brand and its tickets can be purchased in several Indian states.

How to Buy Government Lottery Tickets

You can purchase State lotto tickets via authorized retailers having lottery stands.

The main criteria are that the vendor buys a certain number of tickets and then tries to resell them in the general market. The vendor profit is the difference between the selling and purchase amount.

You can easily find vendors throughout the state where lotteries are legal. 

Any person in India is allowed to purchase government lotteries where they are legally authorized by the respective states.

For eg: a person belonging to Bihar is eligible to buy the government lottery in Maharashtra but he can’t purchase them in Bihar as all lotteries are illegal in Bihar.

Claiming your Government Lottery Jackpot

You need to have patience while claiming your winning amount in the national lottery as it takes time to complete the whole process. However, some lottos offer quick payments so make your choices wisely.

To claim your prize in government lotteries you will be required to fill in lots of different documents and to make copies of them for a later stage.

For instance, if you want to claim the prize in Kerala lotto which is worth more than Rs 1 Lakh you need to submit the following documents:

  • A photocopy of the winning ticket (Both Sides) having your Signature
  • Claim Application
  • PAN Card copy having your signature
  • Two Photographs (passport size) attested by Notary
  • Signed Document for Proving your Identity i.e Driving License, Ration Card, Aadhar Card, Passport or Election ID Card

List of Biggest Lottery Jackpots in the World

Mega Millions Jackpot

Mega Millions is a household name in the US and remains among the most popular and large lotteries due to its sheer size. It is actively enjoyed across 46 states in the US, offering number drawings every night on Tuesday as well as Friday. The minimum amount of jackpot for this lottery is US$40 million, totaling approximately 280 crore rupees! Eyes Wide Open?

Mega Millions Jackpot

To stand a chance at winning Mega Millions and its jackpot, you must match 5 numbers ranging from 1 to 70 along with the Mega Ball, where numbers range from 1 to 25. Apart from the jackpot, the Mega Millions lottery also gives away nine unique prize tiers during each draw. Players can also snatch a prize for a simple match of numbers on the Mega Ball. In the event of zero jackpot winners, money reserved for the jackpot rolls over to add to the next twice-a-week draw.

Whenever you express the readiness to enjoy the Mega Millions lottery in India, you must pick the lucky numbers using the lottery platform online.

Playing instructions:

After opening an online account using any lottery platform available for review at Spinszilla, you can select any five lucky lottery numbers as well as a number for the Mega Ball drawn.

You can also choose to add the Megaplier number that gives you the ability to multiply winnings that are non-jackpot in nature by the number chosen. Megaplier multipliers are chosen and can reach five. In the event you win, the prize money is directly deposited into the casino account online. From your casino account, this money can be taken out to your preferred withdrawal method or can be used as money to buy more lottery tickets. You can read more detailed instructions on how to play online lottery here.


Powerball is a US-based lottery that is widely available to players from India. This lottery is played in 44 states across the United States and boasts itself among the largest in the world. The lucky draws at Powerball happen Wednesday and Saturday night every week with a starting winning amount similar to that at Mega Millions. This translates to about US$40 million, which is 280 crore rupees!

Powerball jackpot

For playing Powerball, players need to choose five numbers ranging from 1 till 69 as well as a Powerball number that ranges from 1 till 26. Winners of the jackpot must match all the 5 numbers along with the chosen Powerball number. Apart from the jackpot, players might also get to win eight different prize tiers that are given out for entries who match fewer numbers. This includes a fixed second-tier winning prize for a perfect match of 5 main lottery numbers. If you want to increase the number of non-jackpot winnings, ‘Power Play’ can be easily added for a minuscule additional fee.

Playing Instructions:

When you get ready, you need to buy the tickets online using any lottery described at Spinszilla. Please note that Spinszilla is not a ticket provider but acts as a rating agency for the agent or online lottery India platform.

From this point, you will then choose the 5 main numbers along with the lucky Powerball number. You might also decide to incorporate the additional Power Play number. After a successful win, the prize money is automatically credit to your Powerball account. You might use this money to buy more tickets to play at Powerball or simply withdraw the money to your bank or card.

An Indian named Tojo had won in this lottery played at Lotto247.

Playing European Lotteries in India

Lotto games from India can also play at distinct European lotteries like UK Lotto, SuperEnalotto, and EuroMillions. EuroMillions is among the new entrants in European lotteries but has spread quickly in terms of popularity. This is in part due to its highly prized jackpots which can total up to more than 1400 crore rupees in prize money at one shot!

You can enjoy playing EuroMillions by simply registering for lottery accounts online using any platform listed at Spinszilla, and after that, simply buying a lottery ticket. You will have to choose 5 numbers in the range of 1 and 50 and then also choose Lucky Star special numbers, which consist of two numbers in the range of 1 to 12. A match of all 7 numbers will be the winning match for the complete jackpot.

UK Lotto is a two-times-a-week lottery with a large number of prizes. For winning this online lottery, you must pick as well as match 6 numbers and thus win the jackpot. If no person is able to match these 6 numbers, the UK Lotto jackpot gets rolled over into the subsequent week. If no one matches numbers even in the second week, the jackpot will roll over again, up to a maximum of 5 weeks.

At some points, the UK Lotto jackpot gets split among many players, and this depends completely on the number of matches. You must register to play using your lottery account right now, so that you stand a chance to play and win at the UK Lotto, along with other large international lotteries.


During its launch in 2004, Euromillions was the first multinational lottery in Europe. It soon transformed into a widely popular game in the European subcontinent. The game has its inaugural play in France, UK, and Spain. As of today, a total of 9 European nations take part in the lottery draws that take place every Tuesday and Friday night.


The minimum winning amount in the case of EuroMillions is 17 million euros, which totals about 130 crore rupees. However, this jackpot can roll over multiple times and eventually increase up to prize money of 190 million euros, which is the upper cap for prize money. This translates to a humungous amount of 1450 crore rupees!

In order to play and win at EuroMillions, you must create an account at one of the numerous lottery websites listed by us online. You can then choose5 numbers ranging from 1 till 50 as well as 2 Lucky Star numbers ranging from 1 till 12. To be a winner of the jackpot, you need to match all 5 main lottery numbers along with the 2 Lucky Star lottery numbers. The EuroMillions lottery additionally has 13 prize tiers for a match of 2 or more than 2 main numbers.

In addition, the lottery, at times, takes out super draws. These are a replacement to a regular lottery, thereby offering a higher winning amount in the jackpot.

UK Lotto:

UK Lotto is listed as the best lottery game in the UK. This lotto was started in 1994. The twice-a-week drawings for this UK Lotto take place on Wednesday and Saturday evenings. Again, like other jackpots, if you manage to get the 6 main numbers, you stand as the winner of the jackpot.

UK Lotto image
UK Lotto image

In addition, the UK Lotto also offers 6 more ways to win prizes. All prize amounts with the exception of the jackpot are fixed. The winning jackpot will get automatically rolled over five times if there is no winner. After 5 times, if the jackpot is yet to see any winner, the amount is evenly split among the Match 3, Match 4, Match 5, and Match 5 as well as Bonus players.

If you are keen to take part in the UK Lotto, you must make a lotto account online and select your lucky numbers. You can select 6 numbers from 1 till 59 in the UK Lotto, while also picking a Bonus Ball number from among the 53 numbers left after selecting the 6 main numbers. For a winning combination and probability, players need to match at least 2 of their main numbers.

Best Lotto Agent Lottery Games

The founders of Lotto Agent devised the idea of a worldwide lottery ticket-fetching service in the year 2010 and 2 years later, Lotto Agent was launched. Though it is headquartered in Belize, the platform has multiple representative offices across the US, Spain, Australia, and Italy.

Among the initial steps to create the platform was a careful selection of the best lotteries in Europe and the US; simply because these lotteries boast of the largest jackpots, superb secondary prizes, and reasonable prices.

As of now, Lotto Agent lists over 20 lottery games across the world with the popular contest:

  • Powerball
  • Mega Millions
  • SuperLotto Plus
  • EuroMillions
  • EuroJackpot
  • BonoLoto
  • La Primitiva
  • El Gordo

Simple and secure:

Just after making lottery games available on its platform, Lotto Agent scouted for ways to sell lottery tickets. While as a user, you might find the ticket buying system quite simple and easy, the backend is powered by a high-tech service made secure and designed for fast sales.

The last step to make Lotto Agent a reality was the creation of a friendly and loyal customer service team, working round the clock to ensure quick disposal of questions and problems. When it comes to playing at Lotto Agent, the process cannot be simpler than the one in place currently.

Firstly, the players need to sign up at the platform’s website. Next up, players need to choose the lottery and the number of tickets they want to buy for each selected lottery. After customer selection, Lotto Agent will dispatch representatives to buy the tickets for your favorite game. Players are sent a scanned copy of these tickets.

Since you are dealing with Lotto Agent, you can be assured of authentic participation in your chosen lottery games, implying that there would be no hassle to claim your winnings.

Lotto India

If you wish to enjoy lottery games in India, you must understand the way it functions. In spite of several gambling restrictions put in place in India, the laws for lottery games are decided by each state, so that some states let you play online while others physically letting you buy lottery tickets.

Every state in India has the power to regulate lotto games and thus they ensure regulatory compliance and fair lottery drawings. States allowing lottery games include Goa, Sikkim, and Punjab. If you like to play the online lottery in India, there are several options. The biggest lottery run by the government in India is Playwin Lottery, being run by the government of Sikkim. Read over for more if you want to play and discover more about the online lottery ticket booking in India.

Playwin Lottery

Playwin Lottery

Playwin Lottery was initiated by the government of Sikkim in the year 2001. It is the largest lottery company across the country and among the first to sell tickets online. To participate in Playwin Lottery, you have to attain 18 years of age and be a resident of any of the following states:

  • Arunachal Pradesh
  • Goa
  • Maharashtra
  • Sikkim
  • West Bengal
Lottery Name Draw Day Draw Time (IST)
Thunderball Tuesday 22:00 – 22:30
Jaldi 5 Double Wednesday 22:00 – 22:30
Thursday Super Lotto Thursday 22:00 – 22:30
Jaldi 5 Friday 22:00 – 22:30
Saturday Super Lotto Saturday 22:00 – 22:30

Thunderball: This lottery is publicly announced every Tuesday on Zee Zing channel and has 7 tiers of prizes and 1 crore as the minimum first prize.

Jaldi 5 Double: This lottery that takes place on Wednesday has winners publicly announced on Zee 24 Taas channel. Winning players need to match five numbers, with the first prize being 1 crore rupees, similar to that of Thunderball.

Thursday Super Lotto: This super lotto is declared every Thursday of the week on Zee Zing, with a 2 crore rupee first prize. The biggest lottery amount in Playwin history was declared on Thursday Super Lotto with total prize money of 17.2 crores. This prize was won by Mr. Jaiprakash Jaiswal, who worked as a scrap dealer in Kankurgachi.

Jaldi 5: Similar to Jaldi 5 Double, this draw announces its winners on Zee 24 Taas. This draw, which takes place just on Fridays has a structure similar to that of Jaldi 5 Double, but with half the prize money and double odds. In total, the first prize of Jaldi 5 is 500,000 rupees.

Saturday Super Lotto: As a finish to the week at Playwin, the Saturday Super Lotto is publically announced every Saturday on Zee Zing. This game has similar rules and odds like Thursday Super Lotto. However, both of them are different games that have unique prize pools.

All 5 games of Playwin lotto make an announcement of the winning combinations each day of the week around the time between 10 and 10:30 p.m. This schedule might get changed due to some scheduling issues and it makes sense to periodically check the Lottery website.

Playwin lottery increases with the fun factor of daily life with huge lottery prizes and daily draws. Hence, it comes across as a safe way to strike it rich by spending little money on tickets. Also, if you possess a Playwin card, buying tickets is as easy as tapping on your phone while being at home or anywhere else.

Lottery Software and Prediction Tools

Winning the jackpot prize in the lottery in India is the dream of every lottery participant. Sure, this gambling game is unpredictable. But, the lottery allows plenty of ways to earn a significant income without even buying the ticket. It might come as a surprise to the participants, but the truth is lottery has several prediction tools that boost your chances of landing the jackpot prize. Let’s get straight to these tools.

Many lottery software and programs claim to provide users with an accurate winning prediction. In this post, we’ll see how effective these programs are. Some lottery tools work with mathematical calculations while others are solely based on tested techniques. In fact, some tools predict your winning odds using astrology. The main purpose of these tools is to help increase the odds of hitting the big prize in the lottery. Without further ado, let’s have a look at the top lottery prediction tools that work wonders for lottery participants.

Smart Lottery Wheel

Smart Wheel Lottery tops our list of effective lottery prediction tools. The software collects a considerable amount of information to provide users with a precise calculation. It tells the highest chances of hitting the jackpot prize in the lottery. Smart Lottery Wheel is a web-based prediction software that gathers information from some of the popular lotteries out there. It also takes your lucky numbers into consideration to come up with accurate results. Users can explore this software online without having to install it on their systems.

Lucky Days

There’s no denying that prediction is one of the most challenging and almost impossible tasks for humans. No amount of information can ensure that the predicted findings are correct. For this reason, Lucky Days believe in including astrology in its prediction strategies.

Lucky Days follow a completely unique and exciting approach to calculating the odds of winning the lottery. Luckily, many people have tried the software and they found it extremely useful. As the name implies, Lucky Days calculate your winning chances by determining the lucky and unlucky days. Users need to submit their date of birth to figure out their luck. If it is your lucky day, purchase the lottery ticket and hope for the best results. No matter what number you pick, the odds of hitting the jackpot are quite high on your lucky days.

Beat Lottery

The main goal behind buying lottery tickets in India and participating in this unpredictable game is beating the lottery and hitting the jackpot. Beating the lottery system is not in the user’s hand. It is based on luck. However, the beat Lottery software claims to make the task easier by predicting the winning combination using its number generator tool. You can also get an insight into the lottery win patterns. All these statistics help users to make an informed decision and choose the numbers wisely rather than randomly.

Lotto Prediction

Another interesting lottery tool is lotto prediction, the software that collects information from multiple sources to guess the winning combination. What makes this tool unique from the rest are its special features that allow users to communicate with the other lottery fans. Being a user of Lotto Prediction, you can make your own prediction and even grab some exciting prizes for the correct predictions.

Lotto Prediction tool

The tool analyzes an array of winning patterns, possible number combinations, and mathematical algorithms to give accurate predictions.


Check out WinSlip online and navigate around the tool easily. You can use this tool without having to download it on your computer. The tool focuses on narrowing down the possible combinations so that you can pick the one that’s highly likely to be accurate.

Lotto Pro

Winning the big prize is the major goal of every lottery participant. That is exactly what the Lotto Pro helps you achieve. You can use Lotto Pro for all types of lottery games. The tool features a simple user interface. The best part is that Lottery pro uses its database comprising the earlier draws information to predict the possible winning combinations. The tool verifies all the combinations you have chosen and has them printed on the pay slips.

Smart Luck

Founded and designed by one of the best lottery experts and authors named Gail Howard, Smart Luck is a popular lottery prediction tool that aims to improve your chances of hitting the jackpot prize. The tool offers some useful lottery strategies and intriguing tips that can help you predict the best numbers.

The Lottery Picker

Lottery Picker is specifically developed for Mega Millions and Powerball tickets. The tool can be used to predict the winning numbers. It will also get the possible numbers printed on the tickets. Check out the Lottery Picker tool and use its exceptional features to make an informed decision.

Lotto Logic Pro

Another interesting software that could be used for any lottery-based game is the Lotto Logic Pro. The tool is pretty simple to use. All you got to do is open it on the browser and check their list of smart numbers that have a higher probability to be chosen in the draw. This software can also be used for ticket management.


LotWin is specially designed for five and six balls lotteries. It also works for games like Powerball and EuroMillions. The tool uses the combination of the user’s intuition and their database to present the numbers that are highly likely to appear as the winning match. No doubt, LotWin can make you an online lottery India expert in no time.

Lottery Numbers Pro

No matter how much the tool claims to offer the most reliable and accurate predictions, people find it difficult to trust the information supplied by such software. Humans are skeptical when it comes to prediction-based programs.

There’s no doubt that the lottery is all about luck. But we can’t overlook the fact that patterns and trends do matter in this game. If anything, it won’t hurt to use the lottery prediction tools and see how reliable they can be. No tool can provide users with 100% accurate findings. Basically, it depends on users whether they follow the tool’s pattern to come to a decision or choose their intuition.

There are certain tools that offer more information than a list of the possible winning numbers. Let’s take your game to a whole new level with these intriguing and advanced lottery prediction tools. Based on their services and features, you can decide whether you want to use them for your next ticket or not.

Lottery Odds Calculator

As much as easy the lottery seems, it is the most unpredictable game one could ever play. You only need to buy a ticket, choose numbers, and wait for the big announcement. It is easier for participants, but the process involves complex calculations concerning winning chances and payouts.

If you want a smoother calculation of the winning probability, head to the Lottery Odds Calculator tool and make the most of this tool.

Powerball Payout and Tax Calculator

Let’s say you won the Powerball lottery. Now what? How should you find out the tax liability? Powerball Payout and Tax Calculator tools allow winners to determine the amount of tax they need to pay every year. It also shows the total amount of winning you will get annually.

Mega Millions Payout and Tax Calculator

Like Powerball Payout and Tax Calculator, this tool is used by the winners of the Mega Million Lottery. Calculate your payout and tax liabilities for the year using this advanced lottery tool.

Why Use Lottery Calculator?

The tools listed in this post are designed to make the decision-making process as smooth as possible. These tools help users to determine the best lottery game that fits their budget and has higher winning odds. Use the mentioned tools, compare the lottery games, and make a sound decision.

Lotto Dominator

Lotto Dominator is an eBook that promises some incredible lottery-winning secrets to users. Written by Richard Lustig, a seven-time lottery winner, this eBook has created a lot of buzz amongst lottery enthusiasts. This book claims to work with any lottery system. If you want to claim the mega jackpot amount, then you need to grab a copy of this informative eBook is all this book advertises.  

Lotto Dominator Formula

The promotional material of this eBook promises a sure-shot way of winning a lottery. The logic behind this is quite simple. You need to input the winning numbers from the previous draws and run them through a formula for predicting likely combinations. Although this may not guarantee you immediate success it will make it easier for you to select the winning combination.

First Impressions of the eBook

The content contained in the Lotto Dominator eBook has been divided into 20 chapters. This book has 181 pages of information. However, what we were not impressed with is the presence of fillers. Useful information has been provided here and there. You cannot skip chapters. There is no easy navigation between the chapters.

The information provided pertaining to selecting numbers and using strategies has not been specified clearly. The book lacks clarity and may end up confusing the readers. For instance, in chapter one you are asked to invest your winnings on purchasing more tickets whereas a couple of chapters later, you are asked not to spend any winning amount. The information provided in this eBook is quite ambiguous. The content is quite repetitive. There was no need to stretch the content to 181 pages. The content could have been condensed and covered within 120 pages.

This book was marketed to contain a revolutionary formula that would help you in predicting the next set of winning numbers. However, there is no actual formula provided in this book. The formula factor is being employed just to market the book. If you want to increase your odds of winning, you should invest that money on purchasing tickets rather than wasting it on this eBook. 

Is Lotto Dominator another scam?

Lotto Dominator just wastes your time. The book consists of filler content and offers nothing which can be of any value to you. It seems to be a scam and we did some research to find out more. Though there are certain tips mentioned in certain chapters, they are contradicted in the subsequent chapters.

During our investigation, we found out that Richard Lustig may not be the original author of this book. We found a couple of shady things here and there. If you visit the official website of Richard Lustig, you will find no mention of this book. He has never ever mentioned even once about the book in any of his interviews. Moreover, the official website of the Lotto Dominator has been registered in Panama whereas Lustig is from the USA. Why would he not mention his authored book on his official website or in any of his interviews?

Another interesting observation made by us is that the book is overpriced. If you take a look at the other books authored by Lustig, they are priced at just $40 and have been mentioned clearly on his official website. However, Lotto Dominator has been priced at $300 which seems quite exorbitant. It is also being sold at a discount price of $147.

Moreover, the official website of Lotto Dominator has been closed for new members. Those who have purchased the eBook can gain access to the website. It does not entertain new members. This serves more as a warning than anything else. Another factor to consider is that this book was renamed thrice. The book was initially released as Lottery Winner University. It’s was then renamed as Lotto Crusher and then finally as Lotto Dominator. This may be because of the negative reviews being published by those who invested in these books. Another factor to consider is that this book has been removed from the Amazon catalog. This is not at all surprising. You cannot even locate the product page.

Hence, we recommend you not to waste your resources and time on this book. There is substantial evidence to prove that Lotto Dominator is nothing but a major scam. You need to make sure to steer clear of any of these fishy scams. Instead, you can look at reliable information from various other websites or invest in offerings from reputed sources.

Other Software Scams

Lotto Dominator is not just the only eBook scam that you would come across. There is similar software that is trying to sell you the same product.

Auto Lotto Processor

This software has gained a lot of attention recently. When we took a deeper look into its website, we found stark resemblances to the website of Lotto Dominator. What is peculiar is that they have included the name Richard in their legal disclaimer. Though this may seem a good touch to their offerings, they cannot just fool everybody. The software seems quite cheap. You just need to invest $79 for purchasing it.

Lotto Annihilator

This is yet another software that has created quite a buzz. Its website resembles the official website of Auto Lotto Processor. This makes it quite clear that the same people behind Lotto Dominator and Auto Lotto Processor are behind this website as well. The content has not been changed even a bit. It is just the same except for the website name. 

Lottery Winner University

We are including this website on the list for the purpose of comparison. This website has been in the market for quite a long time. If you take a clear look at its contents, you will recognize that the template used is the same as by other scam websites. Just the name of the product and the website has been altered.

We did a thorough investigation to find out whether it is worth investing in Lotto Dominator or not. However, we ended up finding out a lot more than we intended to unearth. There seems to be major scamming happening. If you are not alert, you will end up wasting your hard-earned money on useless crap. These scammers are determined and are finding new ways of luring people. It is best to go through the details and do a thorough comparison before investing in any eBook or software online. Not everything sold online is a scam. You just need to research a bit to find out more. Being careful and alert will save you money and also your time.

Chances of winning at Lottery

Luck does not always have a role to play when it comes to hitting a jackpot in the lotto. You need to master the right strategy so that you can win a massive amount in the game. There is no trick or secret that you need to master in the lotto. People who have won a jackpot in the lotto more than once have shared their strategies that certainly augment your winning chances.

Guide to Play Online Lottery on Mobile

Smartphones have easily become as good as desktop computers with new technology in the past years. There is everything one can do on a smartphone that can be done on a computer.

One of these things is playing lotteries. The question is, how can you play the lottery on your mobile phone and win cash rewards? There are some things that you would need in order to do this. They include:

  • A Smartphone – The first thing that you need is a smartphone that can access a web browser and where you can open the lottery websites.
  • Active internet connection – The second requirement will be an active and possibly fast internet connection. 3G, 4G or any other internet connection that suits your region can be selected.
  • Payment Options – Lastly, you will need to deposit and withdraw money when you play the lottery games and hence you need a payment option. A lot of websites accept debit and credit cards along with mobile wallets and much more.

With these three things, it becomes easy to play the lottery and win jackpots. You should go try your luck!

Instant Lotteries

Instant lotteries or software lotteries are what you play on these websites. A lot of developers have come up with excellent software for lotteries. There are companies that even offer full lottery suites including draw and software-based lotteries.

The working principle for these software lotteries is simple and is explained as below:

The software lottery is a randomized algorithm that is used for virtual draws. To make sure that the draw is random and is only based on pure luck, a lot of independent organizations audit them before rolling them out for the public to use.

One of the advantages of these software lotteries is that they are fast-paced and instant. The players can finish the task of picking the numbers and activating the draw in an instant. The draw also takes place faster which is not the case with regular lotteries. The process is as simple as picking a number, a wager, and then click ‘Draw’.

Since the results offered by the software are random for each player, they are given out instantly regardless of the number of players using the same lottery at the same time.

Deposit Methods

Since the lottery is played for real money, the player needs to deposit and withdraw the cash at the websites easily. Most of the websites that provide lottery games make the process simple by offering an array of choices for the players. All you need to do is find the method that suits you the best and start placing your bets.

Credit and debit cards are the most preferred way in which players choose to make their deposits. All the cards including VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Diner Club are accepted on the majority of these well-known websites. However, it is always good to check before registering.

Another method that has become increasingly popular amongst the players is e-wallets. The e-wallets including Neteller and Skrill are good for making instant payments and free deposits as well as withdrawals. Using e-wallets is also a little safer because they add another layer of safety without having to input your bank details again and again.

How to Use Neteller?

Neteller is one of the most popular choices in e-wallets. Here is how you can sign-up and deposit with Neteller:

  • Sign-up for an account on Neteller by filling up the form with your details.
  • Click on the options provided to you for payment including a variety of debit and credit cards or bank transfer.
  • Once there is money in your wallet, use it to deposit at the lottery website.
  • The minimum deposit usually is ₹792 with Neteller but the amount can vary.
  • You can use the Neteller account to even withdraw your funds.
How to Use Skrill?

Another popular choice is the Skrill. Here is how you can sign-up and deposit with Skrill:

  • Sign-up for your Skrill account. Skrill was previously known as Moneybookers.
  • Click on the options provided to you for payment including a variety of debit and credit cards or bank transfer and deposit the money in your Skrill account.
  • When you deposit the money from your Skrill account to the lottery websites, you might be redirected to the external Skrill web page.
  • The minimum deposit amount can be ₹792 with Skrill in most cases.
  • You can use the Skrill account to even withdraw your funds.
What Is A Lottery Syndicate?

One of the things about lotteries is that the chance of winning is extremely low and it would not be wrong to say that winning a jackpot only happens to one person in a million. Hence people often turn to lottery syndicates in order to increase their chances of winnings. Lottery syndicates are available at a lot of online casinos and you can easily register for them. So, the question is, what are lottery syndicates?

In simple words, a lottery syndicate is a group of people who are interested in winning a certain lottery and buy the tickets together. The prize is also distributed amongst the group depending on the amount each of them has contributed. The concept came from the traditional practices that were usually done at home with friends and family but with the internet and lottery websites, anyone can join a syndicate and contribute at their convenience.

The reason for the increase in chances of winning the prize is because with the larger amount, the number of lines being played also increases. The only downside can be that you will have to share your winning with the other player. But as it is said, something is better than nothing. So, say there is a syndicate having 100 shares, you contribute to 10 shares offered, the prize of 10 shares will be given to you. Hence, in a jackpot of 1 billion, you will be given 100 million.

It is important to note that the larger the syndicate, the lower the amount but the higher the chances of scoring a win. 

Frequently Asked Question on Playing Online Lottery in India

What is the cost of the Mega Millions ticket?

The cost is around Rs.200.

What is the worth of the juiciest ever Mega Millions Jackpot?

The juiciest ever Mega Millions jackpot paid out Rs.6 crore for a 5 number combo.

How Good are the winning chances?

The game has differing odds and wins. For instance, the odds of matching just the bonus number is listed as 1 in 37. On the other hand, the odds of matching all 6 jackpot numbers are listed at 1 in 30 crores.

How Good are the winning chances?

The game has differing odds and wins. For instance, the odds of matching just the bonus number is listed as 1 in 37. On the other hand, the odds of matching all 6 jackpot numbers are listed at 1 in 30 crores.

Do some numbers have better chances of hitting?

There are what are known as hot and cold numbers. In the Mega Millions lottery, hot numbers refer to numbers that regularly occur, while cold ones are frequently not seen during successive draws. These hot and cold numbers are usually shown on any website that offers Mega Millions lottery. While the occurrence of numbers is random in this game, betting on hot numbers might boost the winning chances.

When do the Mega Millions draw hold?

The Mega Millions draw takes place every week on Wednesday and Sunday at 8.30 am.

Are there any special rules in place?

There are no special rules for the Mega Millions lottery. All players are however required to be of age and have valid ID and proof of address. Withdrawing wins might also require the presence of a PAN card.

Are there any guarantees that win will be paid to winners?

All lottery agents and gambling websites operate under the strictest possible rules and are tightly regulated by the appropriate gambling authorities. As such, there is no way such sites and agents can deny winners of their wins without severe sanctions being applied to them. So, yes, Mega Millions winners get their wins after a certain time period and via their preferred payment method.

Is playing local and international online lottery legal in India?

Yes, it is it. However, there are a few constraints worth mentioning;
A.Local Lottery:
At this present point in time, the legal sale of local lottery tickets is authorized in only 13 states by the Indian government. The 13 Indian states include; Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Goa, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Punjab, Sikkim, and West Bengal. With regards to online lottery, there are currently 5 Indian states that permit the sale and lottery ticket purchase in India. These states are Arunachal Pradesh, Goa, Maharashtra, Sikkim, and West Bengal.
B.International Lottery:
There is currently no legal constraint on the participation of international lotteries lottery purchases. What this means is that citizens of India can purchase an online lottery ticket in India and in effect participate in popular international lottery draws like Mega Millions and US Powerball.

Can you tell me where to go if I want to buy a local or international online lottery tickets?

Local Lottery Tickets
To purchase a local lottery ticket, simply visit any of the official websites of the 13 authorized Indian states. On the website, you will be able to obtain all the important details relating lottery ticket sales. The official website of Sikkim, for example, offers Indians a chance to purchase lottery tickets online.
Sikkim is also the state where the “PlayWin” is located. PlayWin is the largest online lottery operator in India. If you do not reside in Sikkim, you can still buy lottery tickets in India from Playwin as long as you are a resident of any of the 12 other Indian states authorized to engage in lottery ticket sales.
International Lottery Tickets
You should know that there are quite a large number of international lottery ticketing agents. Click here to get more details on some of the reputable international lottery ticket agents from where you can do your lottery purchase.

Can I get online lotteries (local or international) where I am not required to make an investment or initial deposit?

No, there is no participation in any lottery draw (local or international) without the requirement of an initial deposit. That being said, many lottery agents like “Buy 1 Get 1” offer welcome bonus packages to encourage lottery participation.

Is it possible for me to participate in the online international lottery by making deposits with the use of Indian payment options?

If you are participating in local lotteries like “Thursday Super Lotto” or “Jaldi 5”, you have to open a “PlayWin” account. To open this account, simply visit their official website or go to a local PlayWin approved kiosk where you can fund your PlayWin account. However, in order to participate in online international lotteries like “Mega Millions” or “Powerball”, you will need to visit a “Lotto Agent” kiosk. Lotto Agent is the only lottery agent to go to if you want to participate in an international lottery draw by depositing funds in Indian Rupees (INR).

Which lottery is the bigger in India?

The top 3 lottery draws in India are; “Saturday Super Lotto”, “Thunderball” and “Thursday Super Lotto”. These lotteries are very popular in India and can be played by citizens of India residing in any of the 13 states that do not prohibit the playing of lotteries.

Is lottery Legal in India?

Yes! To an extent and in the broader sense, lottery is legal in India. This is because, many of the states in India, have not banned acts of participating in lottery events or playing Online lottery. There are only few stats that have outrightly banned all forms of lottery. Therefore, International lotteries can and are free to enter India and offer legal lottery online in Indian states that have not banned lottery.

In Which states online lottery is Legal in India?

Since the International lottery does not fall under the regulation of Indian Gambling laws, the online lottery can be played in many states. But even in Indian Gambling laws, these stats allow online India lottery: – Kerala, Goa, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, West Bengal, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Manipur, Sikkim, Nagaland, and Mizoram.

Is online lottery legal in India?

Due to the jurisdictional structure bifurcation of states and centers, there are several different laws on the legality of the lottery in India. Therefore, in absence of any clear central law, playing an international lottery is legal in India that meets certain important safety standards.

How Can I buy lottery tickets online in India?

Yes, you can! Wherever you live, you can buy an international lottery ticket in India. You have to look for a licensed and safe international lottery platform to register with. You can check for the best lottery from sites such as Our site has a list above with the best online lottery sites in India, and you can check and sign up with them and then play!

Is playing international online lottery legal in India?

Since already explained in the above questions, due to the lack of clear central gambling laws, the lottery laws, in particular, are more flexible. But, before playing and opting in on any lottery platforms, please check for popular lottery draws without fail.