Most Popular Teen Patti Variations You Must Try

Teen Patti Variations

Teen Patti games are one of the most commonly played card games in India. Having originated in the Indian subcontinent and being a favourite amongst South Asian countries, the game has now also come to the online casino world. However, in India, Teen Patti is played everywhere during festivals or get-togethers. What makes this card game unique is the number of Teen Patti variations. Whether you are playing online or at a land-based casino, below are some of the best variations that you can try to spice up your game.

What is Teen Patti?

teen patti AAA

Teen Patti is a simple card game that can also be considered as a simplified form of Poker and is known as ‘Flash’ or ‘Flush’ in English. The game is easy to play and can be played by 3 to 6 players at one time. A deck of 52 cards is used without the jokers and the game starts by placing bets. A boot amount has to be set which is collected from the players before the game begins and then they are dealt with three cards each facedown.

Now each player has a choice to either play blind or seen. When playing Teen Patti all games blind, the player can either fold, call or raise the bets to double it. If the player is playing, they can fold, call or quadruple their bets. The game is carried out in a clockwise fashion. However, the rules of betting are different in Teen Patti.

If a player makes a bet of 2 coins making the total bet of 4, the next player will have to place a bet of 4 coins instead of 2 to the earlier 2. By the end of the game, when only two players a left, there is an option to show the cards and decide who has a better hand or if all the players fold, then the last standing player wins. Some of the winning combinations include three cards of the same rank, straight flush, sequence or run meaning three consecutive cards, cards of the same suit making a color combination, a pair of two cards of the same sequence, and high cards from any suit.

Most Popular Teen Patti Game Variations

Now since you have understood the basics of Teen Patti gameplay, let us come to the exciting variations that you can add to the game to make it even more exciting.

1. In-Out

In-Out is a type of Teen Patti variation in which a dealer will give three cards to each player and will also place 3 jokers on the table. The players will take turns deciding whether they are in (still in the game) or out(folding). When the player folds, his cards will replace the joker cards on the table. Once the players have decided in and out, there is the last showdown and the winner of it will win the final spot. The winning player will also win the same amount as the pot from the players he has won from.

2. Joker Hunter

In the joker hunter variation, the dealer deals three cards to the players and then places a double number of cards as the playing participants plus three. This means that if 6 players are playing, then the number of cards will be 6×2+3 which is 15. Now the players have to take turns and discard one of their cards and take one from the table. However, if a player does not want to pick a card or exchange it, they will have to turn a card on the table upside down. Once there are only three cards on the table, they will represent the jokers that can be used by the players in the game.

3. Kiss-Miss-Bliss

In this type of Teen Patti Variations, the players are dealt with 5 cards and they might be able to pair two of the cards to create a joker card. The joker cards can be of two types. The Kiss; where the players should combine cards of the same value. The Bliss; where the players should combine two cards in subsequent orders such as 2 and 3 or 7 and 8. Miss is where two cards are paired with the missing sequence. For example, 2 and 4 or 9 and J. If the players do not want to create a joker, they will have 5 cards to choose from and can make the best sequence from the given cards.

4. Rotating Jokers

In the rotating joker variation of Teen Patti, each player is dealt with 3 cards, of which two are face down and one is face up. The face-up card of the player is their joker till they are in the game. Once they fold. it becomes the joker for all the remaining players. Each time a player folds, their face-up card becomes the joker for other players.

5. Folding Jokers

In the folding joker variant, the players are dealt 3 cards face down and an extra card is kept on the side also face down. Now from the three cards that the players have, one card each is placed on the table face up. These cards will now be used as jokers for all players. Each time one player folds, their face down the fourth card is turned up and will now act as a joker in the pace of the card that the player has folded.

6. Lowest Joker

In the lowest joker Teen Patti variation, the lowest card in the player’s hand becomes a joker. If the lowest ranking cards are in pairs of the same values then both the cards will be considered as jokers which increases the chances of winning.

7. Joker

Joker is the simplest of the Teen Patti variations that involve a joker. In this, the dealer deals all the players with three cards each and then takes out one card from whatever is left in the deck and places it on the table faces up. This card will now be used as a joker for all players.

8. Pairs are Jokers

In this Teen Patti variation, the players are dealt with 7 cards instead of three. Out of the seven cards, if there is a pair, then it can be used as a joker. The players that cannot make a joker will have to fold their hands whereas the ones with a joker can use it to make combinations and win.

9. AK47

Named after the famous gun, AK47, this is one of the easiest variations of Teen Patti. Here the cards including Aces, Kings, 4s, and 7s will automatically act as jokers.

10. Auction

In Auction Teen Patti variations, the initial three cards are dealt with by the players and two card piles are also placed on the table. Each pile will have three cards and the topmost card will be the joker. The topmost card is placed face up and anyone can see it. Before the game begins, the players have a chance to look at their cards. They can then place bids to buy the piles. However, if the player already has a strong hand, then they can just stay with the cards and not do anything. The players who have bought the pile will be able to use the cards in it to make their combinations. However, if one of the piles is not bought, the topmost card will also act as a joker for all the players. The game will then progress as the standard Teen Patti game.

11. Buying Joker Seen and Unseen

In this variation, the game starts with each player getting three cards dealt with them. The players now need to choose one of their cards as a joker and place it face-up on the table. This is buying a joker and the predetermined money is placed in the pot. This goes in for two rounds and the players also have a choice to buy another joker from the other players. This way now they will be playing with two jokers. The rest of the game goes on in a standard manner.

12. Teen Patti 4x Boot

The Teen Patti 4x boot is just like any other Teen Patti game but the only difference is that the boot amount or the minimum amount is 4 times the normal boot value. This means that the stakes are very high and so is the potential of winning big.

13. 1942 Love Story

The simple variation of Teen Patti where all the Aces, Nines, Fours, and Twos are considered as jokers. Also in this game, Hindi has to be spoken on the table. If you are an English speaker then you have to fold.

14. 999

999 is one of the most interesting Teen Patti variations where all the face cards are valued at zero. As the name suggests, the player has to aim to create a combination that is closest to 999. So, if you are dealt with cards such as 9-3-K, then your combination will be 930. If you are dealt with AAA then the combination will be 111. In most cases AAA is the highest hand but not in the case of 999 where you can win with the lowest numbers.

15. Muflis

Muflis is a variation of Teen Patti that turns tables very quickly. If you are someone who constantly gets bad cards while playing Teen Patti then this game is the best for you. In Muflis, the players with the weakest hand win the game. Apart from this, all the other rules are the same. So, instead of hoping you get good cards, with Muflis, you should hope to get bad cards.

16. Closest to 555

Just like 999, in the closest to 555 games, the players have to aim to make a combination that is closest to the number 555. The player with the closest wins.

17. Odd Sequence

As the name suggests, in Odd Sequence, unlike the traditional Teen Patti game, the sequences will be made from alternate cards such as 2-4-6 or 9-J-K. The other rules of the game will remain the same.

18. 3-2-1

In this variation of Teen Patti, the players are each dealt with 6 cards of which they have to create three hands. The first hand will be of three cards, the second will be of two cards and the last will be of 1 card. Each of these hands will be played separately and the winner with more than two wins will take back all the money.

19. Discard One

This is a simple variation of Teen Patti where instead of three cards, four are dealt with by the players. This way they have a better chance of making combinations. Now the player has to use three best out of the four cards to make combinations and play the game.

20. Faceoff

In the faceoff variations of Teen Patti, only the A, K, Q, J, and 10 cards from the deck are used making it a total of 20. Hence only 6 players can play at one time. The rest of the game progresses in the same way as Teen Patti with the only exception is that high-value cards are used. The player aims to guess whether or not the third card will fall into a sequence with the other two.

21. Banko

If we talk about the popular variations of Teen Patti, then Banko can be considered as one of them. In this game, the players are dealt with three face-down cards but whenever it is your chance to play, the dealer will reveal two of your cards while the third one will be hidden.

22. Sudden Death

In this version of Teen Patti, the cards in a deck are dropped rapidly one by one and a player has to shout stop. The dealer will stop immediately, and the rest of the cards will be used to play the game by being distributed amongst the players.

23. King Little

King Little is also a joker-based variation of Teen Patti where all of the kings are jokers in addition to the lowest value cards in each hand.

24. Kissing Missing

The kissing missing variation is similar to the Kiss-Miss-Bliss but here the players are given on 4 cards and there is no option of creating a joker by pairing two subsequent cards. The players can make a joker with two same value cards or two cards with a card missing from the sequence.

25. Cobra

In this variation of Teen Patti, the players are dealt with one card face down. Now the player has to pick their card and place it on their forehead without seeing it. This way the players can see the cards of others but not their own. In this game, the player with the highest card wins.


With the game being extremely famous amongst the players in the Asian countries and now around the world with online casinos, new Teen Patti game variations always keep popping up. So, you can keep looking out for them and in the meanwhile, try out these options provided by us. These variations are very easy to understand, all you should know is how the Teen Patti gameplay works and you will be able to play any type of Teen Patti easily. So, try these out and make your games even more thrilling the next time you play.

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