Online Jackpot Guide For All New Players

Online Jackpot Guide For All New Players

The real reason most folks play online casino games is that they hope to hit the jackpot prize and be able to retire to an exotic private island for the rest of their life! Jackpot prizes are available at all online casinos listed on the Spinszilla homepage. To access any one of these jackpot prizes, players must bet as much as they can afford and pray to Lady Luck to grant them a massive jackpot win. Whether their prayers come true or not is totally up to the whims of fate.

Contrary to popular opinion it is not necessary to bet huge amounts to be eligible for a jackpot prize. The cost of access for most jackpot prizes is very cheap. This fact is worth noting by all jackpot lovers.

Online Jackpots: A Definition

There is not much that is complicated about online jackpots. In general, the term jackpot is used to refer to the biggest possible win in any casino game. Jackpot games, in turn, refer to those casino games that are equipped with a jackpot prize and there are a fair number of these.

Usually, any game with a J marking is equipped with a jackpot of sorts. Such games include slots, lotteries and casino games like roulette. These days, jackpots are becoming increasingly common as game developers rush to develop games that folks would die to play. There are currently games with multiple jackpot prizes and these can potentially deliver the kind of wins even a king could go gaga over!

 Types Of Casino Game Jackpots

Jackpots are not monolithic. There is a slew of different jackpots floating around. In the main, most jackpot games fall into either one of two categories:

  •  Fixed Jackpots
  • Progressive Jackpots.

The intricacies of both these jackpot types will be detailed below.

Fixed Jackpots Are Bae!

Fixed jackpots prizes as the name make clear has a fixed jackpot whose value does not decrease or increase. As the jackpot prize is fixed and essentially immovable, winners of such jackpots win the amount stated and not a penny more.

As an example, if a game had a fixed jackpot prize of 70 lakhs, that is all that can be won. Once won, the jackpot prize refreshes, and can be won again and again. The prizes in fixed jackpot games are expressed in either monetary values or as multiples of the wager, for example, 300x the stake. Not everyone likes fixed jackpot prizes, but they offer a fixed value and are thus attractive to some gamblers.

Progressive Jackpots

These sorts of jackpots frequently pay out wins whose value can change the life of winners for the better! The value of the jackpot prize in progressive jackpots is never constant. Instead, it constantly grows second by second and can reach staggering amounts. Why, the biggest progressive jackpot in existence today is worth around 140 crores, which is assuredly more than most millionaires have in their bank accounts!

There is no real limit to the size a progressive jackpot can grow. The jackpot keeps on growing as long as it is not won. That is how it eventually grows to earthshaking amounts. When playing a progressive jackpot, a slight percentage of what was paid for the bet goes to the progressive jackpot prize. For slots like the Mega Fortune, this can be 5.5% of the bet. In other slots with progressive jackpots, around 2% of the bet is used to bulk up the jackpot prize.

Once the progressive jackpot has been won, it usually does not reset to 0. It instead resets to a fixed or predetermined sum. From there it grows and grows like an insatiable monster!

There are different types of progressive jackpots. They are as follows:

  • Standalone progressive jackpot
  • Local progressive jackpot
  • Global progressive jackpot

The standalone progressive jackpot is the smallest of the lot. It is usually confined to the players of a single casino and as such cannot grow to really sizeable sums. Still, it does offer a progressive jackpot that when won can be enough to pay for decking the in-laws with some very expensive jewellery!

Because they are confined to a single casino, standalone progressive jackpots are not all that popular. Their relative small wins also win them few fans. Still, such jackpots are perfect for some countries like Denmark and Sweden. In these places, playing online casino games is fully legal, but accessing global jackpot games are all shades of illegal. Due to this, casino providers are forced to create unique standalone progressive jackpot games for their respective casinos and their clientele.

Due to their low popularity, we at Spinszilla have made a conscious effort not to feature casinos on our list that have standalone progressive jackpots in place.

The local progressive jackpot, on the other hand, is a different kettle of fish. This sort of jackpot game is accessible on different casino games in a casino. Usually, there is just a single local progressive jackpot in place, and these are accessible across different casino games. Players of these games therefore play and hope to win the jackpot prize. If they fail to win, a small proportion of their bet is used to bulk up the jackpot prize.

As for the global progressive jackpot, it is on a whole other level! Such a jackpot rather than being confined to a single casino is available across hundreds of casinos located all over the globe. Folks from all over the world play such jackpot games online and hope to win the massive jackpot prize. A prime example of the global progressive jackpot can be found in the famous Mega Moolah slot by Microgaming. This slot is featured in over 500 different online casinos, has a multitude of players and a jackpot prize that reaches hundreds of crores. Should the jackpot prize be won, it will revert to its starting amount and will again get bigger and bigger as fans of the game play it for all they are worth.

Other Jackpot Types

Apart from the jackpots detailed above, there are other jackpot prizes. Most of these are found in slot games and often feature outsized amounts waiting to be won. For a good look at jackpot slot games, a visit to the likes of Royal Panda, LeoVegas or Rizk is called for. Now in the three online casinos listed above and in most other casinos, there is a special tab that enables speedy access to jackpot slots. This is the Jackpot tab and by clicking on it a list of all the featured casino games with a jackpot prize are presented for players to pick from.

Should jackpot slots not be to taste, jackpots can be found in the likes of bingo, lotteries and a slew of casino table games.

The Fun In Lottery Jackpots!

Compared to slot jackpots, lottery jackpots are several times bigger and sweeter too! As of now, the biggest online lottery jackpot payout ever made is a staggering Rs.1490 crores, which is assuredly more than most slot jackpots can manage. The real reason why lottery jackpots get so massive is that winning chances are next to impossible. In fact, one mathematician calculated that the odds of getting struck 4 separate times by lightning is much higher than getting access to the Powerball jackpot prize. That might sound ludicrous but is actually true.

There is a great deal of appeal in playing online lotteries. Such lotteries are quite easy to play and can be performed online and on mobile. This contrasts to just a few years ago when the internet was still in its infancy and lottery players were compelled to visit a physical shop and purchase tickets. Playing lotteries is quite easy. All that players have to do is to select a certain array of numbers and hope that it matches the weekly draw. Should the chosen numbers not hit, other numbers or the same number can be played again next week.

Thinking of playing a lottery soon? Well here’s a list of the best Indian online lottery firms that accept all Indian players:

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Table Game Jackpots

Table game jackpots make it possible for casino game lovers to do what they do best and be eligible for a jackpot prize that could change their life and fortune. Casino table games, of course, refer to games like poker, baccarat, roulette and blackjack. Depending on the selected game, the featured jackpot prize might be fixed, global progressive, or local progressive.

Discerning ahead of time the exact type of jackpot that a casino game is equipped with can be difficult. Regardless of the type of jackpot a casino game is equipped with, players should always try to play those table games that are equipped with the most sizable jackpot prizes. These are worth watching out for. It is often the case that a casino table game jackpot is specifically developed for a particular casino. Often though, the game is shared among all the casinos that are linked to the software provider.

Usually, the jackpot prize in table games is not as hefty as those found in jackpot slot games. This is because such casino games are not as popular as slot jackpot games and thus do not accumulate much in the way of jackpot prizes.

Bingo Jackpots

Just like slot machines, bingo games can be equipped with jackpot prizes. However, these jackpots are assuredly on the small size. This is however compensated for by enhanced winning chances. The simple reason that bingo jackpots do not grow to really sizable amounts is that relatively few people play such games. More, every bingo bet has a relatively low average value and as such, there is really no way the jackpot prize can grow to impressive lengths.

As has been already stated, winning odds for bingo jackpot are excellent. These winning chances, however, vary according to the number of current players in the game. It is therefore advisable to play bingo jackpot games only when a very small number of other players are online. This can be accomplished late in the evening, or very early in the morning.

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Winning Tips That Work For Jackpot Wins

Usually, the most common question we are asked relates to the proper strategies for playing and winning at jackpot slot games like the Mega Fortune and Mega Moolah. However, there is really no strategy that can be applied to such games because they are games of pure luck, rather than skill. Still, some common sense can be applied to enhance winning chances. These are as follows:

  1. Betting when the jackpot prize is big- this is the nearest thing to a successful winning strategy that can be found. By betting when the jackpot prize is big, players can hope to win sizeable amounts rather than trifling ones. Adopting this “strategy” means letting other players bet and bulk up the size of the jackpot, and then betting on this when it has reached a proper size.
  2.  Making Use Of A Positive Expected Value- normally, most casino games have a house edge that makes that makes for a negative expected value. There are however times when playing jackpot games where the jackpot grows so big that the expected value becomes positive. While this value does not boost winning odds, it makes playing such jackpot games more mathematically attractive than would otherwise be the case.

For instance, say that winning odds for a jackpot game are 1: 1,000,000 and the player is betting a single rupee per spin. In the first example, the jackpot prize is valued at Rs. 900,000, while in the second example the jackpot prize is valued at Rs.10,000,000.

In the first example, the expected value is not positive as the jackpot prize is too low. In the second example, there is a positive expected value because, with just 1 rupee, a player could win Rs. 10,000,000. While most jackpot games do not have a positive expected value, this does happen.

Winning Qualifications

The winning qualifications for jackpot games are simple enough. For starters, players must be of legal age and have their name on the credit card they used to fund their account. Once a win occurs winners are expected to present all pertinent documentation. This helps prevent fraud and will ensure that wins are being paid to the winners rather than impostors. Should dodgy documents be presented when the casino asks for genuine ones, severe penalties may be applied and wins cancelled.

Now, most physical casinos require players to bet the maximum permissible to be eligible for a jackpot win. This is not often seen at online casinos.

What Are The Frequency Of The Jackpot Payout?

Every online jackpot in operation has what is called a payment plan. This is not made available to the public and can be quite complicated. Some jackpots are programmed to pay out once in a million times. That does not, however, mean that the payout will occur when the million games are played. There is no set time within which a jackpot payout must occur. Some jackpots pay out within a week, others take a month and a few even take a year plus. As a result, a more practical question should be as follows:

What Are The Winning Odds Of Online Jackpot Games

Jackpot winning odds are not fixed. They can vary widely depending on the game being played and how it is structured. As an illuminative example, here are the jackpot payouts of the Mega Moolah jackpot slot for 2018 and 2019.

Mega Moolah Jackpot Winners 2018-19

Amount Currency Date
£3,033,563.60 GBP 17-06-2019
£5,543,986.99 GBP 24-05-2019
$8,162,217.05 CAD 04-05-2019
$3,308,063.71 CAD 06-03-2019
$12,945,668.34 USD 05-03-2019
$20,059,287.27 CAD 30-01-2019
€18,910,668.01 EUR 28-09-2018
$8,332,554.01 NZD 24-06-2018
£1,778,226.80 GBP 20-04-2018
$5,691,921.42 USD 19-04-2018
€4,365,843.63 EUR 08-03-2018
$7,453,168.03 CAD 27-02-2018
$3,688,145.24 CAD 14-01-2018

Do Winning Chances Increase In Line With Bigger Bets?

Occasionally, jackpot-winning chances are enhanced when players bet more than they normally would. Some jackpot games in brick-and-mortar casinos also require players to make heavy bets before being eligible for a jackpot win. This limitation is however seldom found in online slot jackpot games. In jackpot games in which winning chances are definitely enhanced when players bet more, the winning chance increase tends to correspond to the bet size increase. Thus, let’s say a minimum jackpot bet is set at Rs.10, the winning chance is listed at one in 10 crores.

Should the bet size be boosted to Rs.200, the winning chance is then set at one in 50 lakh. This essentially means that the bettor boosted his/her bet size and also considerably enhanced his/her winning chances.

Worth noting is that there are jackpots that are won within bonus games. As such, triggering the bonus game does not mean that the jackpot itself has been won. Betting more does not trigger the featured bonus game more often than usual. But once the bonus game has been activated, chances of winning the jackpot prize get higher than usual.

The Mythical “Burst” Of Jackpots

In games like roulette, there is what is known as hot and cold numbers. The former refers to numbers that pop up during the last series of spins, while the latter refers to numbers that do not make an appearance until an extended period of time has passed.

For example, if during a roulette game, the number 3 appears thrice during the last 10 spins, it can rightfully be regarded as a hot number. When this is the case and a number like 4 has not yet made an appearance, some folks suppose that there is an increased likelihood that it will appear on the next few spins and therefore bet accordingly. This is however wrong, as roulette is a random game and the outcome of previous spins have no bearing on future ones.

The explanation above is useful for proving the fallacy of “bursting” jackpots. This refers to jackpot prizes that have become so big that to some they appear just about to pay out and bless a winner. That is actually a foolish thought to have. Jackpot games are not dependent on time. They can keep on increasing till the end of time if not won. As such, winning them is dependent on luck rather than how much time has or has not passed.

Should lots of folks be playing a jackpot game at any moment, the possibility that the jackpot will be won is enhanced. That does not, however, mean that the odds that this or that player will win it has been increased, merely because the jackpot prize has grown massively. The fact is that once the jackpot in jackpot games grow to a significant extent, the jackpot prize becomes highly tempting to lots of folks, who then proceed to play it at a frenetic pace. One player might then win the jackpot, with this fooling some players into believing that the win came about because the jackpot was close to “bursting”.

How Jackpot Prizes Are Withdrawn

Well, the exact way jackpot prizes when won can be withdrawn varies from casino to casino and from one game to the other. Usually, progressive jackpots are administered by the software provider. Local jackpots, on the other hand, are usually the responsibility of the casino hosting them.

Jackpot policies vary widely from one casino to the next. This applies to how wins are paid out. Some casinos prefer not to pay out the entire jackpot prize in one lump sum. Monthly payments are the norm for these casinos and this continues till the entire jackpot prize has been paid out.

One way of recognising a serious casino is that it takes care to quickly pay out the jackpot wins of its customers and pays this via a lump sum. At Spinszilla, all the Indian casinos on our list are quite serious about what they do and pay out all wins in a lump sum.

Biggest Jackpot Wins Ever

While there are loads of game categories available, the most massive jackpot wins are all in lottery games. In the year 2017, for example, a nurse in the US won the sum of $759 million in the popular Powerball lottery. The likes of Mega Moolah and Mega Fortune has also been paying out some serious sums in jackpot prizes. Both of these slots have at least once paid out a jackpot prize whose value was near 140 crores.

These two slots are in a fierce competition of sorts that will see the winner crowned king of online slots jackpot payouts. As of now, the Mega Moolah slot is the acknowledged jackpot prize winner, at least as far as the Guinness World Records is concerned! As expected, this has earned the Mega Moolah slot some serious bragging rights in the online slots market.

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