Virtual Reality Casinos

Virtual Reality Casinos

In today’s technology-centric society, incorporating the concept of virtual reality into online casinos is a natural progression. While we accept that fact, what are the dynamics of a virtual reality casino? This blog will shed some light on the answers of this question and after a complete read, we are sure that you’ll be prepared to experience a virtual casino.

What defines Virtual Reality Casinos?

Virtual reality gambling has been extensively talked about previously but we are left to wonder if it is actually spreading to the whole industry. If you recall, virtual reality was a video gaming phenomena but shortly it led to the genesis of the first virtual online casino.  While we agree that the future will see the launch of many more VR Casinos, here is some perspective on the idea of virtual gambling,

Generally speaking, a VR Casino attempts to clone the experience of a land-based casino, making it an extravagant experience for players who have never played there before. It is also functional for land-based casino enthusiasts who like the “real-world feeling” but also want to get to a higher level of the gambling arena.

The VR Casino offers a 3D view like the world around us and not the typical 2D view of a standard online casino, making it as close as possible to a land-based casino. The virtual online casino also enables synergy with the casino setting, leaving no stone unturned to get you to the real-world casino table.

What makes a VR Casino Work?

A virtual video gaming environment and a casino virtual experience are separated by a thin line of difference. Even though both the concepts are perfectly the same, the virtual reality casino needs specialized tools to play effectively at the next level of gaming.

Sony PlayStation VR, Facebook Oculus Rift, Valve Stream VR and HTC Vive comprise of the top-class VR gaming gear launched across the last few years. These promise to teleport you to a futuristic gambling experience, so just be sure you don’t miss the bus.

A typical VR Casino comprises of games, the likes of which you find at any random online casino. These games include online slots, roulette and blackjack, as these are the most demanded among VR enthusiasts. As evident here, many best casino games are not yet available for VR fans.

The way these casino games remodel into virtual reality is quite sharp as well. The graphics for these games are rendered using high-resolution imaging technology and at a higher frame rate compared to normal games played without VR. So, if you shift your head, the change of view will not make you see any form of lag in the gaming experience. On top of this, a VR Casino also presents numerous other important features as follows:

The capability to communicate with other gamblers and dealers

Real-time availability of multiplayer games

Choice of a range of characters and avatars

To thoroughly enjoy a VR Casino, you need VR goggles as described earlier in this blog. Not only that, a superfast laptop or computer is also desirable, as described later. A VR casino will be non-functional without suitable goggles because even the 3D experience you get in the absence of goggles will not be a completely immersive one. Although VR goggles are a necessity for a perfect experience, you might still be able to test VR games without them.

A fully fascinating casino experience is only possible with the use of VR goggles. The same goes for a session with a virtual mobile casino. However, it is highly recommended to research and test the efficacy of any VR tool before making an investment decision, since these little gadgets continue to be quite expensive.

After considering the kind of games you want to experience with a headset, it is advisable to take a brief look at product reviews as well. It is not important to be very tech savvy, simply reading the specifications of the various headsets and drawing a comparison with other models will hold you in good stead.

You would, in all probability, be unsatisfied after searching for headsets in the market as there aren’t many available to pick and choose. Finding a handful of them is your best bet, but this number may go up if the uptake and popularity of VR increases in the near future.

Desirable Computer Specifications while Playing at Virtual Casinos

Your computer and its hardware detail play a crucial role in the whole process, so this section is the most important one to take note of. It is a sheer waste of resources to buy a pricey VR goggle without relevant and powerful computer specifications to load the casino and its gaming experience. Anyone who is determined to enjoy VR gambling must make an investment in setting up a robust computer platform to solve any problems of congruity with the gaming setup. The following are desirable in terms of specs:

Intel i5-4590 or higher

8GB+ RAM of Memory/RAM

Windows 7 SP1 or above

NVIDIA GTX 970 / AMD 290 or higher

2x USB 3.0 ports and HDMI 1.3

Other than these, a head mounted display along with a keyboard or controller are also essential to fully experience these casino games. Just make sure to have a look at these specs to fix any shortcomings with your existing hardware, so that you avoid any upsets later in the middle of your game.

Is Virtual Reality Gambling the way forward for Online Casinos?

Well, this seems like a contentious question, doesn’t it? Let us take a look at a list of pros and cons related to this question:


  • Stellar social gaming, players who like socially interacting will go gaga over this aspect of VR gambling
  • VR casinos have the ability to spot your presence after you join it
  • You can directly talk to dealers with the live chat option
  • Numerous types of games available
  • Fulfils your urge to experience something novel
  • Negates the need to frequent a land-based casino while still being able to enjoy similar experience


  • Very steep initial setup cost
  • Higher probability of placing big money bets than for an online casino
  • Chances of a mental preoccupation with gambling due to immersive experience
  • Complete oblivion to your surroundings while playing
  • Limited playing platforms
  • Lacks the social aspect of an online casino

After a careful consideration of both the pros and cons, it is certain that VR is not for everyone and at best, occupies a niche segment right now. Quite a few players are not ready to delve into this segment due to its very nature and high associated cost. However, there are many players ready to take the plunge into this experience, and probably are diehard fans of VR video gaming already.

Virtual Reality may not fade out soon and in spite of being present in the gambling world for a considerable time, it needs to evolve to a higher extent. The question that lingers in the mind, is VR really the way forward for gambling? Many years from now, will we be sitting with VR gear and playing on without end or will it be a plain vanilla online casino?

Finally, if you decide to take the plunge into your first VR experience remember, note that gambling is addictive and it makes sense to play responsibly. Just don’t bet what is beyond your means.

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