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RummyCircle Review

Rummy fans can now enjoy their card sessions online across a plethora of devices, thanks to RummyCircle. This exclusive gaming niche assures a promising experience to players across the globe with an array of rewarding games. The games are playable with real money and offer cash prizes. 

Our authentic review takes you through the best offers, features, and games accessible on this unique Rummy site so that you can make a comprehensive choice on how to engage in an immersive experience. 

About RummyCircle Portal 

If you have been scouting for a perfect Rummy platform that offers a blend of entertainment and quality, RummyCircle is the ideal site you can think of. That’s because it offers a variety of well-featured games playable from anywhere and anytime. 

Rummy is a game that involves a certain level of skill and at RummyCircle you can enjoy popular Rummy variants seamlessly. With a huge network of players registered at this top-rated Rummy site, you can expect only a high standard of gaming. Other than the usual online Rummy games, RummyCircle offers a lobby that excels in real-time games such as Chess, Carom, and Pool. RummyCircle was launched in 2009 and as emerged as a classic stopover for Rummy lovers. The high quality of services makes RummyCircle an ideal site to return to now and then.

RummyCircle Home Page
RummyCircle HomePage

Fascinating factors                

Once you’re at RummyCircle, you will know why it’s the best place to try your hand at cards. The first look of the site is enthralling no doubt but it’s the smooth interface of RummyCircle that makes it one of the most user-friendly sites to play at. Not only its neatly presented website, but you’ll also enjoy the flawless platform without any difficulties. Navigating to your favorite games, offers, and payment and withdrawal options are convenient here. With several language options available, players from any region of the world can play hassle-free. 

RummyCircle connects with its members in novel ways. For instance, the wide range of tournaments and competitions hosted by the operator are worth a try as players can win cash prizes upon winning. As an encompassing online Rummy site, it makes sure that players get to join competitions from different parts of the world to experience fun-filled Rummy sessions. 

Privacy and Security 

An online gaming site that ensures complete security to its players, staking real money at RummyCircle to play card games is never a gamble with safety. As a licensed and regulated site, RummyCircle makes sure that all player data is encrypted by the latest technology. Also, the convenient and reliable banking methods make sure that every transaction done via the site is safe. Whether it is funding your account or withdrawing your winning, RummyCircle ascertains a trustworthy environment by all means. 

All withdrawals are processed within 48 hours while the deposits can be made instantly. The withdrawal time is a boon as it is much lesser as compared to that at most other sites. 

Bonuses and Promotions at RummyCircle

At RummyCircle it’s a complete gaming package. Aside from its functional interface, secured and entertaining platform, the site provides some of the best rewards in the industry. To start with is the Welcome Bonus offered by RummyCircle that can go up to 1000INR. It is given away to every new player upon signing up at their site. 

Over and above the signup bonus, RummyCircle offers stunning promos and bonus offers that run through the week. The Friday Bonus Offer, Sunday Bonus, Supreme Bonus, and the Rummy PowerPlay are some of the exciting bonus offers that’ll keep you hooked to this Rummy junction for more. Check out the promo code for an extra cash bonus upon your first deposit at the site!

With a match bonus of 100%, you can expect to claim up to ₹ 2000 upon your initial deposit. This doesn’t require using any specific code. If you deposit a minimum amount of 200INR, you can collect 2000INR as your match bonus amount which makes for the maximum bonus offer at RummyCircle. 

Get Bonus

How to Signup at RummyCircle

Players can claim the free bonus at RummyCircle by visiting its official website. You just need to navigate to the site and enter your details as required. This includes feeding your username, password, date of birth, residence details and a password. Once done, you simply have to click on the “Register for free” button to get started. Once you have successfully signed in, the free money as a welcome bonus will be instantly credited to your account with which you can access an entire range of fascinating games. 

The Mobile App

Good news! RummyCircle is available on your smartphones and tablets as well. All you need is to simply download the app for your device from the respective link. Android users can install it from the Google PlayStore while iOS users can check out the app at the Apple Store. Akin to its online platform, the app also enables players to access all Rummy variants on their catalog and win exciting rewards and cash. 

Playing online 

If you are a first-timer at the RummyCircle site, simply create an account on the website and log in. Subsequently, you can select a league that you wish to join based on the card games. For instance, you can pick the 13 cards and meld yours. The one who melds first is likely to win after a show. 

How to Withdraw Winnings at RummyCircle

Congrats upon winning! You can withdraw your money hassle-free at RummyCircle. Just visit your account and click the cash withdrawal option to collect the payout. You can feed in the amount you wish to withdraw and the method to be used for withdrawal. You can withdraw a minimum of 100INR here. 

Note that, once you enter the required details for withdrawal, you will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number and once you verify it; your bank account will be credited with the winning sum from RummyCircle. 

The Referral Program at RummyCircle

RummyCircle brings you the simplest forms of bonuses that can be claimed easily. Refer a friend and they will reward you and your friend with a cash bonus. If you refer your friend to play the cash tournament at RummyCircle, you can collect 100INR for 350INR he plays with. Likewise, you can earn up to 1000INR by suggesting a friend to this rewarding site. 


Players from India can access this site fearlessly. RummyCircle is an online gaming initiative that hosts skill-based games and not chance-based ones. Any game that requires skill and knowledge is not treated as illegal by Indian law. Games such as Chess, Carom, Bridge, and Rummy are all skill-based games and thus playable in India. These games can be accessed on the official website of RummyCircle. However, a few states such as Orissa and Assam still don’t have specific laws on whether it is legal to earn cash from skill-based games. If you want to play from these places, you always have the option of enjoying the free play games instead of playing with actual money in cash tournaments. 

Support and Assistance RummyCircle 

You can expect round the clock customer service when playing at RummyCircle; thanks to the efficient team of experts here. For any queries, the team is reachable via email and the online contact form on the virtual helpdesk. 

What are some tips to follow to make money while playing online rummy?

While playing rummy online, it is essential to follow certain tips and strategies to ensure that you have an upper hand in the game. Here are some strategies that you can follow. 

Tip1: Group cards for easy play
Choosing three cards in the game activates a group button in the game. Using this, you can easily group cards. Whenever a set is complete, it is suggested that you group the card. This will make it easier for you to continue the game unhindered. 

Tip2: Make a pure sequence
Whenever the cards are distributed, the player should ensure completing the mandatory pure sequence set. As per the Rummy rules, a player needs to have at least one pure sequence. Hence, the first thing you need to do while playing the game is creating a pure sequence with 3 to 7 cards. You can then go ahead and form other sets.

Tip3: Create another sequence
For successfully completing the game, you need to make two sequences of which one needs to be pure and the other can be impure. If you have a pure sequence, you need to focus on completing the next sequence with or without the joker. Completing the mandatory sequences then lets you focus on whether you can form any set or sequence with the remaining cards or not.

Tip4: Sequences from 3 to 7 cards
There is a misassumption amongst many players that you need to make a sequence out of three cards. This is not true. You can create a sequence from 3 to 7 cards. This is applicable to both pure and impure sequences.

Tip5: Creating set from 3 or 4 cards
You can create sets from cards of any value. However, you need to make sure that the value of all cards has to be the same. Any set of three or four cards carrying the same value but belonging to different suits are considered to be valid in the game. Using a joker or a wild card is also valid.  

Tip6: Discard high-value cards at the earliest
It is a prerequisite in the game to keep your score as low as possible. If your opponent makes a show, then it would prove to be advantageous to have your score minimal. You can do this by discarding cards of high value. Face cards such as Ace, Jack, Queen, and King should be discarded first. This is because these cannot be meld. If during a game, you draw a card of low value, retain it and discard a high-value card.

Tip7: Discard duplicate cards
It is best to discard duplicate cards. This is because they add to your points if they are lying and not contributing to anything. These cards are of little use unless you use them as in a sequence. 

Tip8: Keep your points low
While playing 13 cards Rummy, apart from discarding high-value cards make sure to keep your score as low as possible. Another best way to keep your score low is by creating two mandatory sequences in the game as soon as possible. If your opponent declares a show and if you have your mandatory sequences ready then the points of these cards will not be added up while computing your final score in the round.  

Tip9:Use jokers wisely

In Indian Rummy, the players encounter seven wild card jokers and two printed jokers. If you have a couple of these in your hand, then make sure to use them wisely. While it is mandatory to form two sequences, you need to use jokers in your hand wisely to form a sequence. You can also use the joker to meld sets and declare a show.     

Tip10: Avoid using joker while forming a pure sequence

It is essential to use joker wisely while forming any sequence in the game of rummy. Try to avoid using a joker in a pure sequence if you just have one. This is because you will lose your chance of using the wild card joker while forming another set or sequence.

Ti11: Using compatible cards

Focus on using compatible cards that can be merged into sequences easily. For instance, you can meld six of a suit with 4 or 5 belonging to the same suit. You can also meld with 7 and 8 belonging to the same suit. These cards let you meld groups faster.  

Tip12: Confuse your opponents

In Indian rummy, you can use various tricks for confusing your opponents. Whenever you pick any card from the open deck, your opponents gain an idea of your possible move. To throw your opponent off guard, you can pick a duplicate card. Bluffing can confuse your opponents in the game and provide you an upper edge.   

Tip13: Tricking the opponents by baiting and fishing

Sometimes, it is quite challenging to trick your opponents while discarding a card you need. This trick sometimes works in your favor while you are planning to form a set. If you are planning to meld a set of three of Queens and need one more to complete the set, then you can follow this trick. If you have an idle King or Jack of heart, then you can discard the same. Your opponent would be tricked if you do this.

Tip14:Take a drop, Be wise

While playing 13 cards Rummy, Pool rummy 201 or any other variant, you have the option to take a drop from the particular round. Evaluate the odds before making any move. A drop can prove to be advantageous but you need to remember that it can attract penalization too.   

Concluding Thoughts 

Playing your favorite game at a legit site is assuring in every other way and when it a premium one like RummyCircle. With games handpicked for players from India and other parts of the world, you don’t have to hop across sites for a satiating online gaming experience. Be it 13 Cards, Pool Rummy or any other variant of this quintessential game, if you play well you can take home a grand winning sum. The well-designed tournaments are worth a try here!

1.Is there anyone who has made lakhs of rupees playing rummy on

RummyCircle is one of the leading rummy sites in India. This site has about 18 million registered players. I am registered too and have participated in several tournaments. There are a few tournaments in which you can make a good amount. However, your skills have to be up to date for that. A pro player can easily make lakhs from a rummy tournament.   
Choosing a good tournament is also essential. You are competing against the leading players in the country. You obviously need to be the best of them to win. Winning and losing is part of the game. Make sure to enjoy the game.

2. Is it legal to play online Rummy?

Yes. Rummy is a skill-based game and it is absolutely legal to indulge in it. Gaming legislations of all the states in India apart from Telangana, Sikkim, Odisha and Assam exempt “games of mere skill” from being defined under the gambling segment. The Supreme Court of India ruled out that rummy is a game of skill in 1967 and doesn’t categorize as gambling. 
In the past few decades, several courts have quoted the decision of the apex court stating that law enforcement authorities have no right to interfere if the game is being played with stakes. A three-judge bench affirmed their judgment and ruled that any game involving a degree of skill will fall under the definition of ‘game of mere skill’. They further included horse-racing to the same category. The Supreme Court in 2012 observed that the Madras High Court held rummy for stakes to be illegal. The Supreme Court immediately ordered Madras High Court to withdraw its order. It has also been stressed over and over again that offering games of skill is more of a fundamental right under the Constitution of India. Hence, it cannot be prohibited by any court.  
Based on the legal info available, several experts have opined that playing rummy is completely legal in India. RummyCircle works within the legal framework. It adheres to all laws and regulations. It will further comply if there are any modifications in the current legal framework because of any order from any court or regulatory body.   
Currently, RummyCircle allows players from all the states and union territories to register over its platform. However, there is an exception. Players from Telangana, Sikkim, Odisha, and Assam cannot participate on the platform. This is because these states still do not consider a game of skill as legal.

3. Has anyone won real cash in RummyCircle?

You can indeed make real cash by playing on RummyCircle. I have won several times and have also lost as well. Recently, I won ₹5,000 by participating in a weekend tournament. Whenever I won any amount, it was transferred into my account within 2-3 working days. Sometimes, the platform offers lucrative rewards such as laptops, mobile phones or a 4-5 day vacation. This happens if you win any special tournaments like Sankranti or Diwali Rummy. Most of the time, the rewards are offered in the form of cash and can be withdrawn quite easily.    
However, I would like to suggest that Rummy is a game that you need to play for fun and not to make money.

4.Is it safe to play rummy online for money?

Yes. It is absolutely safe to play Rummy online. It doesn’t fall under the purview of gambling. As per the law, Rummy has been categorized as a ‘game of skill’. Hence, playing for real money is entirely safe and legal in India. 
Unlike Teen Patti and Poker, Rummy is a game of skill. When you wager money on games of chance like poker, it is considered to be gambling. Rummy is safe to play. Before registering over any platform, make sure to verify that it is a reliable website. 

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