How to Play Blackjack?


Blackjack Basics: Game strategy
The basic strategy and aim of the game are to get a card score equal to or closer to 21 but not greater than it. This is a card-comparing game and the results depend on the dealer’s cards. You wish to beat the dealer’s card score to win a round of 21. 

This requires a basic knowledge of mathematics and a good understanding of the rules of the game. The basic strategy refers to a standard way of playing which is considered a safe approach to the game. There are a few rules in Blackjack that decide when a player can hit or stand or bust. 

Following the basic strategy helps you determine what your next should be based on mathematical permutations. The odds are always in favour of the casino. However, the basic strategy slightly increases your chances of winning, thereby, helping a player in the long run.

1.Why is Blackjack the most played casino game?

The popularity of Blackjack hides in facts that the game is easy to master and has a low house edge. The famous card-comparing game is played all around the world. The rules are so easy that even a first-timer grasps them in a few minutes. All you need is to get a card score equal to or closer to 21 without exceeding it and beat that score of the dealer. A low house edge corresponds to more chances of winning the bet. Compared to other popular games such as Roulette, a player has much higher chances of winning. Therefore, it is not surprising to see the tables of Blackjack always fully stacked

2.How does the house edge work in Blackjack?

House edge in Blackjack can be a little tricky to understand. Blackjack has several different versions and every version has a different house edge. Unlike other casino games that have a fixed house edge, it varies from as low as 1% to 4% in Blackjack. Just like other games, the lower the house edge, the better the chances of winning.

3.Does winning in Blackjack depend completely on luck?

Just like any other casino game, especially card-comparing games, Blackjack depends on luck by a great deal. However, it requires more than just luck to win in Blackjack. In 21, sheer luck and a wee bit of skills do the trick for you.
Luck plays its role when the cards are dealt to you. When you’re lucky, you can score a perfect 21, other times, nowhere near to a perfect score. Once the cards are dealt, it depends on your skills and understanding of the game whether you can make the most outta bad cards or not.

4.Is Blackjack a beatable game?

Blackjack is known as a beatable game as it involves tricks that can increase the odds of winning. This trick is popularly known as Card Counting. It has been used for decades in the game. Card counting is a trick of remembering cards that have been dealt with. 
This lets a player decide his upcoming moves based on the cards that are remaining. Card counting sounds easier than it really is. Practising this skill requires a sharp memory and awareness at all time.  Moreover, casinos take certain measures to stop players using card counting. To master this skill, a player requires lots of patience and practice. If you can master this trick, you can beat the game of Blackjack.

5.Is card counting Legal in Blackjack?

It comes as a surprise to many but card counting is a legal practice. It is not cheating per se. However, it is not well received in casinos. In fact, most of the casinos will likely to ban a player if he/she is found to be using card counting. Since it is not illegal, you can not be arrested or face any legal issues

6.When should a player stand in Blackjack?

To “stand” is to hold the current value of cards and end the turn. There are certain situations when you must hit and other situations when you should stand. A player usually asks for another card when he/she is sure that the total score would not be greater than 21. If your score is over 21, you get busted and lose that round. It is advisable to follow the basic strategy to know whether to stand or to hit.

7.When should a player surrender?

To surrender is to accept the defeat and fold your cards. When a player surrenders, he/she loses half of the wager. A common trend is to surrender when you receive bad cards. However, you should not surrender every time as in the long run, this will cost you more than playing those hands. Take the aid of the basic strategy to determine when to surrender.

8.When should a player take the insurance?

The basic strategy rules suggest to never take the insurance. This is absolutely correct as insurance is not a good option when judged mathematically. However, a player might make use of the insurance in case he/she is using card counting and know for sure that insurance is a safe option

9.How do the actions of one player affect another player in blackjack?

Players are always worried that their chances of winning might affect based on the actions of a fellow player. This is true to some extent. Depending on which card a player picked, the result of another player might be affected. However, you’re equally likely to be benefited with this as you risk losing. Mathematically, there is no effect what so ever. Therefore, there is no significant effect of players on each other’s chances of winning in Blackjack.

10.Should a player tip the dealer in Blackjack?

There is no obligation for any player to tip the dealer. However, if you have had a nice winning streak, it is appreciable to tip a little to the dealer.

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