Deal or No Deal

TV buffs might remember the highly popular and hugely successful TV game show called “Deal Ya No Deal”.  In “DEAL OR NO DEAL”, you have a live dealer casino game that draws its inspiration from the game show. 

DEAL OR NO DEAL is an invention of Evolution Gaming – an internationally renowned software developer. In developing the live dealer casino game version of the popular television game show, Evolution Gaming teamed up with the original creator of the game show – Endemol Shine.  

If you have access to Indian online casinos, you also can playDEAL OR NO DEAL. You also have a chance of walking away with incredible payouts in the live dealer game. Players can earn an outstanding 500x multiplier star prize.

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How To Play Deal Or No Deal Live Dealer Casino Game

As a player of the exquisite DEAL OR NO DEAL live dealer casino game, you can join in at any stage of the game. The difference between DEAL OR NO DEAL and Andar Bahar is that you simply bet then watch the cards being dealt with the latter. However, with the former, you can make decisions at different stages of the game.

Here are the playing steps involved in the DEAL OR NO DEAL live dealer casino game.

Step 1: Qualifying Round:

Before you can start playing DEAL OR NO DEAL, you will need to qualify first and foremost. You would be required to have 3 gold coloured sections land on marked-up regions on a spun wheel to qualify.

The wheel may be spun under three distinct game modes. These game modes include; Very Easy, Easy, and Normal. With the Normal game mode activated, you DO NOT have any particular advantage when the wheel is spun. The Normal game mode is played at face value. 

On the Easy game mode, a single gold coloured section (out of the three required) will be locked in. However, this will only occur at a price of thrice (3x) the value of your first bet. 

On the other hand, the Very Easy game mode will lock in a couple of golden coloured sections. This will occur nine times (9x) the value of your first bet.

Step 2: Boosting Briefcases (optional):

You can boost briefcases by selecting a briefcase then choosing a preferred betting sum. This way, you will increase the respective amount of your selected briefcase. 

As soon as you are done boosting the amount of your selected briefcase, you can have the wheel spun to view the sum added to your selected briefcase. You can also repeat this step if you want. But note that this is a purely optional step.

Step 3: Playing the Game Properly:

The objective of the main game is to walk away with the offer of the banker or to earn the sum of money held in the final briefcase. The briefcases open up to show you the numbers contained within them. When a briefcase reveals a number, those briefcases with identical numbers will be removed. 

Afterwhich the banker will make his offer, and you have to decide whether to “DEAL” (i.e. take the banker’s offer) or “NO DEAL” (i.e. reject the banker’s offer).

The banker makes a final offer when just a couple of briefcases are left. As soon as you decide what you want to do (i.e. DEAL or NO DEAL), this gaming round comes to an end. You can then choose to start over from step #1 if you like.

In the DEAL OR NO DEAL game studio, you have a couple of game show hosts or live dealers. The two live dealers include a “Main Presenter” and an “Assistant”. The Main Presenter’s role is to act as a step #3 gaming round guide. The Main Presenter will inform/educate you on the banker’s offer and the left numbers. The job of the Assistant is to open up the briefcases during the game round.

Rules Of Deal OR No Deal Live Dealer Casino Game 

The DEAL OR NO DEAL live dealer casino game has straightforward rules. To take part in the qualification round, you need first to place your bet. Before you can take part in the other two rounds, you need to qualify appropriately for the game.

You need to be mindful of two main things;

1. Qualification from the qualifying (step #1) round, and

2. Deciding on whether to DEAL or NOT to Deal.

You do not have to worry about advanced game strategies or complicated game rules when you play DEAL OR NO DEAL. This game is straightforward and highly entertaining as well.

The Betting Limits and Payouts of DEAL OR NO DEAL

The betting limits of DEAL OR NO DEAL is mainly determined by operators. However, the standard betting limit usually ranges from ₹100 to ₹4,50,000.

You can view the payouts for the sixteen briefcases in DEAL OR NO DEAL in the table provided below. 

Note: Be informed that using the DEAL OR NO DEAL top-up feature will change the expected payouts. 

Briefcase Payout
1 0.10x
2 0.20x
3 0.50x
4 0.70x
5 1x
6 2x
7 3x
8 5x
9 8x
10 10x
11 12x
12 15x
13 20x
14 25x
15 50x
16 65-500x

Deal Or No Deal Mobile Version

DEAL OR NO DEAL is a HTML5 live casino game that can be played on Android and iOS mobile devices. The screen size of your mobile device does not matter when it comes to playing this game. DEAL OR NO DEAL  is fully optimised for tablets or smartphones.

Also, this live dealer casino game can be conveniently played in portrait or landscape mode. You can easily use one or both hands to play this game. To access this game, you simply need to use the mobile apps of online casinos or play directly on their websites through your Web browser.

Game Strategies Of Deal Or No DEAL

Though DEAL OR NO DEAL makes use of a random number generator (RNG), you can still apply a few basic game strategies, such as the following;

  • Quit while you’re ahead: Make sure you have a payout goal in mind when you start playing. Stop playing as soon as you reach your payout goal.
  • Banker’s offer: Accept the banker’s offers if the amount is twice the value of your bet.
  • Maintain Easy or Normal game mode: During the qualifying round, it is better to maintain either the Easy or Normal mode. With the Very Easy mode with a multiplier of 9x, your initial wager is quite on the high side. 
  • Be vigilant: As you play an initial couple of rounds, you should be fully aware of both your betting sum and the amount you add to briefcases. Forgetting any of these sums would make it difficult for you to decide on whether to deal or NOT TO deal when faced with the banker’s offer. 
  • Boost earning by playing the Top Up round: You can boost your overall payout when you play the Top Up round.

The Audio-Visual Quality Of Deal Or No Deal

DEAL OR NO DEAL makes use of high definition (HD) audio-visual quality. The graphics quality of the first two rounds is excellent and comparable to conventional virtual slots. 

The movement of both the wheel of fortune and the bank vault is very smooth and seamlessly transitions into the primary game. The final gaming round is hosted by a live presenter. The foreground and background props are very similar to the set of a TV game show. 

The ambience of the game is excellent, with multiple cameras angles to give you the feeling of being at a real-life game show. The audio quality is superb in all three rounds of the live casino game.

The Game Features Of Deal Or No Deal Live

DEAL OR NO DEAL Live comes in three different segments as follows;

  • The first segment is a qualifying round that involves the spinning of a bank vault with 3 reels. 
  • The next segment is known as the Top-Up round. This is where you can boost the amount of money you can win in the briefcase you select.
  • The third segment is the primary game hosted by a live Main Presenter. This segment is where you decide on whether to deal or not. Here you have to predict if the amount of money in the briefcases left is greater than what the Banker offers.

There are a total of 16 identical briefcases that are randomly distributed. Once a briefcase is flipped open, the number contained within the briefcase is shown. 

The banker will offer a cash value, and you have to predict whether the amount in your briefcase is greater than the amount that the banker offers. At this point, the primary presenter will ask you that four-word question – “DEAL OR NO DEAL?”.

HD Video Quality and Performance

You will stream and play DEAL, OR NO DEAL Live in high definition (HD) video quality. The first two segments of this live dealer game are operated by RNG, while the final segment involves streaming at a live gaming studio. 

This live gaming studio involves multiple HD cameras providing different angles of the studio to enhance your gaming pleasure and give you a real-life playing experience. 

The two initial RNG segments have outstanding audio-visual quality. There is a bank vault with 3 reels that can be compared to any top-class video slot game. The wheel of fortune in the Top Up round looks like an actual wheel. It adds to the mystic of the game, especially when the wheel is spun. 

Evolution Gaming nailed the gameplay of DEAL OR NO DEAL. The transition of all three segments is smooth and seamless, with no apparent glitch during gameplay.  


Like the TV game show, the DEAL OR NO DEAL Live dealer casino game is fascinating and addictive. There is a maximum payout of 500x your wager. This payout is far more attractive than traditional live dealer casino games, such as; Roulette, Blackjack, and Teen Patti Casino. However, achieving the 500x maximum payout is no easy feat. 

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